Denisa-Alexandra Cinca

As a woman I always wanted to look my best so hair removal was a big concern trough my adult life. Thus I’ve started researching and trying all hair removal methods to find the best one for me. 

Through DenisaPicks I wanted to become an expert in hair removal methods and help people pick the right hair removal method for them, for their needs, their budgets, and based on which products were accessible where they lived.

I knew I could do it because there’s one thing I’m excellent at: I love reading and I’m awesome at doing research. Whenever I work on an article, I spend days doing research on methods and products. Then, I combine what I learn from studies and from professionals with my own experience. That’s what makes me a very tiny expert in a field of professionals. I love sharing my personal experiences, which, hopefully, can serve as inspiration for others, wherever they may be.

As I reached my mid-20s, my skin’s needs led me to doing research on beauty. What beauty and skin care means for each of us and how much should we spend on looking and feeling good.

I’m definitely an advocate of always spending just what you can afford and won’t absolutely regret later. I always strive for finding and recommending skin care products that most of us can easily afford because that’s what I buy for myself. But I also love researching expensive products, some are just worthy of total praise.

I don’t believe in perfect skin just as I don’t believe in perfect anything. But I do believe in being satisfied with yourself. That’s all I wanted to achieve and maybe that’s what others want, too. In the end, it’s all about choosing freely: whether we remove our bodily and facial hair or we let it grow, whether we decide to wear makeup or not, whether we want to use products to prevent our wrinkles or we just let our skin fight on its own. It’s all about you and what you want, not anyone else.

I hope you enjoy all the work that goes into my articles but, most of all, I hope you enjoy every day of your life no matter where you are, no matter if your pores are too big or you wake up to a new pimple or your eyebrows don’t look perfect.