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Best Hair Straighteners For Men (All Budgets)


hair straightener for menI’m not even going to pretend to answer questions like do guys use hair straighteners because the answer is an obvious yes so we’ll jump straight to reviewing some of the best hair straighteners for men.

As a woman who has had a period in her life back in college where I had hair shorter than some guys I knew, I can totally tell you that short hair needs and can be successfully straightened on the regular.

I guess some people would assume that short hair means that you just get out of bed and your hair looks perfect but it can be even more work than long hair.

When I wore my hair very short, I always woke up with all kinds of bed hair. I dreaded looking in the mirror because I knew that there would be a while before I could leave the house. Back then, I couldn’t live without a hair straightener and awesome styling products.

Nowadays, my hair is quite long so I spent more time drying it than straightening it. But short hair pretty much needs to be straightened quite often, even for those who have relatively straight hair like I do.

Hair Straighteners For Men Reviews

The reason why we’re looking for hair straighteners for men can be many: your bed hair is always a riot, you have slightly curly hair even at a short length and you want it to look sleek and straight, you have thick, frizzy, wavy and curly hair, you have straight hair but you want it to look a certain way at a certain angle or to have a nice volume, you want your hair to look shiny and sleek, etc.

There are many good reasons for looking for some of the best mens hair straighteners so let’s get down to it.

Basically, we’ll focus on hair straighteners for short hair because most men who look for the best hair straighteners for men have short hair so that’s logical.

The main difference between flat irons for short hair and those for long hair is basically the size of the plates.

Flat irons for short hair will have very narrow plates, some manufacturers will even call them pencil iron plates.

I will also review a flat iron with 1 inch plates because it’s really awesome, one of the best hair straighteners for men, and one of my favorites.

1. Terviiix Pencil Flat Iron: Overall Best Hair Straightener for Men

Do I absolutely love the Terviiix Pencil Flat Iron? It’s certainly not perfect but I still consider that it’s a great hair straightener for short hairs, for all hair styles for men and women.

There are a lot of negative reviews that you should also check out before deciding if this Terviiix might be what you’re looking for.

There are no perfect mens hair straighteners no matter how much we want to come across a flat iron that hasn’t received any complaints. Even those that cost $200 or more have received their fair share of complaints.

With a price well under $50, the Terviiix Pencil Flat Iron is also among the most affordable. It’s not cheap because we can also buy some for $15 or so but it’s still pretty affordable.

3/10 inch plates

These plates are really tiny, it really doesn’t get slimmer than that.

Thus, if you have shorter hair that reaches your shoulders or even slightly shorter than that, I wouldn’t recommend the Terviiix Pencil Flat Iron because it can take a while until you get all your strands properly straightened, sleek, and shiny.

For slightly longer hair, I recommend the Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Hair Flat Iron that I will review just after this one. It’s a fantastic model, one of my top mens hair straighteners.

I would say that the Terviiix is really awesome for very short hair styles.

The very narrow plates allow us to achieve the style we want even if our strands are really short. It also allows us to reach the roots so it’s nice for that.

The plates are ceramic tourmaline infused, which is basically the norm.

They promise 4x less damage and evenly heat distribution.

Plus, the tourmaline coating is supposed to create a frizz-free look. We should get a shiny, smooth, sleek finish for all types of hair: coarse, frizzy, normal, thin, curly, etc.

The plates also don’t snag strands so it’s a painless experience overall.

Heat control

Even if it’s quite an affordable model, the Terviiix Pencil Flat Iron is clearly one of the best hair straighteners for men because it provides temperature control.

The maximum temperature it can reach is 450 degrees F.

The lowest is 122 degrees F.

Thus, we get a nice temperature range, which I like.

The temperature is easily controlled from two buttons: minus, and plus. And the temperature is displayed on a very small screen but it’s exactly what we need.

Once you decide which temperature is best for your hair type, you’ll be able to stick to it and style your short hair in no time.

The Terviiix Pencil Flat Iron is also equipped with an MCH heating module that ensures that the plates heat up quickly, in about 15s.

Terviiix also mentions that this is for mens hair & beard. So it can be multipurpose. All in all, it’s pretty awesome.

And there are 4 color plates to choose from: orange, gold, pink, and black.

Where to Buy?

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2. Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Hair Flat Iron: Best Straightener for Men for Longer Hair

The only reason why I don’t recommend this Revlon Flat Iron as the absolute best hair straightener for men is because the plates are a bit too wide for really short hair.

So, if you have a very short hair cut, like 2 inches long, I think that this Revlon model might not be exactly what you need.

On the other hand, if you have your hair cut short on the sides and long on top, then the Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Hair Flat Iron can work really well.

Given the length of the plates, you’ll be able to style your longer hair on top in whatever style you want in no time.

Frankly, I love this Revlon because it’s among the best flat irons we’ll come across.

The quality is impressive and the price well under $50 are exactly the things I want to see in men’s hair straighteners.

There is a user review from someone who mentions that they have a short pixie cut with coarse curly hair. This Revlon manages to straighten the unruly strands while leaving the hair looking and feeling smooth and silky afterwards.

Overall, I don’t recommend it for very short hair but it will work so well for styling all types of hair and making it smooth and silky as long as you have a bit of a longer haircut.

1 inch plates

We get 1 inch plates. They’re not incredibly wide but, for very short hair, ½ inch plates are certainly better suited.

The plates have a 3x ceramic tourmaline coating. This is the secret for a healthy looking finish.

The tourmaline helps fight frizz and create shine.

Revlon mentions that we can expect 2x less frizz.

The plates are also quite long. That’s because the Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Hair Flat Iron is mainly created for very long hair. The length of the plates allows people with long hair to do the job more quickly by straightening a greater volume at the same time.

What I also like a lot is that the plates glide on the strands. They won’t snag and won’t pull out hairs from their follicles. That’s very important.

And Revlon advertises 4x times straighter strands.

Lightweight & ergonomic

The Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Hair Flat Iron is also lightweight and ergonomic.

I know that there are people who have had experience with flat irons that made their hands cramp from trying to hold their weight and from applying enough force to keep the plates close together so that they can grab our strands properly and straighten them.

That’s certainly not the case here. This Revlon is effortless to use.

If this is your first straightener, you’ll quickly get used to it.

Fast heat-up

It works for all hair types. It allows complete styling flexibility and control.

Plus, it heats up quickly, with 15-second super-fast heat-up. If you’re in a rush to quickly leave your home, this Revlon will be the last thing holding you up.

There are 10 customizable high heat settings up to 455 degrees F.

We get a display that illustrates the temperature we’ve selected, which is another feature that I really like. Once you see which heat setting would work best for your hair, things will be effortless.

If you are scared of using too much heat on your strands or you want a gradual introduction to how much heat you use, the Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron allows us to do that.

I love hair straighteners for men and women that come with multiple heat settings.

The fact that this model offers 10 customizable high heat settings is awesome.

I frankly don’t like models that offer no heat control. In that case, they either get too hot or they don’t get hot enough and there’s no way to get what each user needs to style their haircut.

I truly believe that the Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Hair Flat Iron is among the top winners for flat irons for both men and women who have all types of hair that needs to be straightened or styled quickly and without any pain.

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3. Ghd ½ Inch Ceramic Flat Iron: Expensive Hair Straightener for Men

Would you be willing to spend around $200 if you’re looking for one of the best hair straighteners for men?

Ghd is a famous flat iron brand in the world of professional hair stylers.

While I totally understand that this brand is amazing and all that, I still think that their products exceed most people’s budgets. It’s up to you how much you’re willing to spend on a tool that basically just straightens some hair.

Also, there are a few negative reviews that you should check out. Even if you’re willing to spend all that money, please check out those negative reviews first before completing the purchase.


The ½ inch plates are the perfect size for styling short hair, tight curls, and bangs.

Among the benefits, ghd mentions: enhances shines, makes versatile styles, and creates a healthy look.

We also get some suggestions on how to use the Ghd ½ Inch Ceramic Flat Iron.

Make sure that the plates are as close to the roots as possible before closing the plates.

Gently move towards the tip of the strands in one simple gliding motion.

Repeat the process with each section of hair.

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4. Bed Head Pixie 1/2“ Straightener

Just like the above Ghd ½ Inch Ceramic Flat Iron, the Bed Head Pixie is also a ½ inch hair straightener for men and women.

The major difference between the two is that this flat iron from Bed Head Pixie is about 7 times cheaper.

There’s a huge price difference between the two.

The Bed Head Pixie is one of the most affordable mens hair straighteners.

I should also mention that some men might not like this design but I think it’s pretty.

½ inch plates

As expected, the slim and narrow ½ inch plates allow us to reach the roots without problems.

Also, the ½ inch plate size might be the most versatile because it works both for short and longer hair.

Bed Head Pixie also uses tourmaline ceramic technology for shiny and silky texture. As I’ve mentioned, this is the norm nowadays.

Heat control

I also love that we get temperature control up to 430 degrees F. It doesn’t get as hot as the other models that I reviewed above but it gets hot enough.

It heats up in 30 seconds for max temperature. It’s not the fastest but it’s not slow either.

All in all, it’s a very good flat iron for short hair or for getting some curls and it’s quite affordable.

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5. KISS Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron, 1/2“: Cheapest Hair Straightener for Men

If you’re looking to spend less than $20 on a hair straightener for men, this one from KISS should be what you’re looking for.

No heat control

I don’t like it all that much because it lacks one very important feature.

We can’t control the temperature for the plates. That’s one considerable con in my books.

If you check out some of the negative user reviews for this KISS, you’ll see that some people complain that it gets too hot.

That’s the risk we take when we buy a flat iron with no temperature control, just an on/off button.

So, if it gets really hot, we can turn it off. It cools down for a bit and then we can use it on your hair. But then it gets too cold so we must turn it on again and so on and so forth.

That doesn’t sound fun.

To be completely fair, I should also mention that there is a considerable number of buyers who love it.

Personally, I don’t love it and it’s my least favorite recommendation for the best hair straighteners for men.

The only reason for reviewing it is the cheap price. If you really are on a budget, I think you could give the KISS Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron, 1/2“ a try.

I like that it has narrow, ½ inch plates.

It means that it can be used easily even on very short hair and it will reach the roots properly.

We can also use it to get curly hair, the plates have rounded edges for multiple style possibilities.

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How to Straighten Hair for Men

Let’s see how you can use the best hair straighteners for men to achieve whatever style you want as quickly as you can.

Can flat irons for long hair be used on short hairs, as well? They can be but it’s going to be pretty hard if the plates are wide and thick, which is the case if you’re using a hair straightener designed for long hair. If you’re using a flat iron with wide plates, you won’t be able to reach the roots and you’ll basically straighten only the tips.

You also won’t be able to arrange your short hairs in certain styles because the wide plates are not really designed for that. They are wide and thick in order to straighten long hair in a shorter amount of time, that’s about it.

When I recommended the best hair straighteners for men I focused on narrow plates. On flat irons that are specifically designed for short hairs.

These types will help you style your haircut however you want, from the root right up to the tip in swift, quick, precise movements. And without snagging on our strands because that’s painful.

1. Only straighten clean, completely dry hair

The beauty of having shorter hair is that frequent haircuts can prevent our strands from getting damaged.

However, just in case, I should mention that if your strands are already damaged or dried, then applying more heat to your hair it’s going to cause brittleness, breakage, and it won’t look pretty at all.

So, we need healthy strands if we want to begin using hair straighteners for men or women, it applies to both.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never straighten wet hair because the moisture plus intense heat combination will lead to blistered hair cuticles, which absolutely sounds horrendous.

Thus, we wash our hair, blow dry it with a hair brush if we want to already give it a certain style, and then…we have to do something else before running a hair straightener through our strands.

2. Use a thermal/heat protectant

Before applying heat to our now very dry and brushed hair, we need to protect our strands from heat.

If you don’t care about this, you can totally skip this step.

If you want to protect your strands from heat, I recommend using a thermal/heat protectant, which is basically a spray that we quickly apply to our hair. It can also work as an anti-frizz product.

I recommend those made without oils or silicones because those can weigh the hair done.

If you’re interested in using oils for scalp and hair health, read out my argan oil vs jojoba oil comparison because they’re both awesome.

3. How to use a flat iron for men

I recommend starting at 250 degrees F if this is the first time you’re straightening your hair. Then, depending on your hair type, you can decide if you need to go higher. You can gradually move up to 375 degrees F in the beginning.

You can check out this chart for flat iron temperatures based on hair type.

The first thing you need to do is to get as close to the roots as possible before closing the plates.

Always keep your hair taut to have the highest chance to straighten and style your strands from the first pass.

Decide which style and direction you want your hairs straightened to and then move the plates towards the tips of the hairs in one simple gliding motion.

If you want your strands to hang over your forehead, then move the plates downwards, over your forehead but make sure that the plates don’t make contact with your skin.

On the other hand, if you want your hair to be pulled back, away from your forehead, then arrange your hair to hang back and move the plates towards the back of your head.

If you have thick, coarse or curly hair and you’re using a mens hair straightener with very narrow plates, then it’s best to straighten a smaller section of hair at a time. It’s more efficient that way.

Straightening small sections of hair at a time is the secret to getting the strands really straight in a single pass.

4. Finishing touches

Set your style in place with your favorite hair product. Basically, you’ll achieve the desired style for your hair with some amazing wax.

If you want a dry finish that looks sleek and awesome, I recommend using dry wax.

Hair Straighteners For Men Alternative

If you decide to forget all about looking for mens hair straighteners for your style, then you can style your hair with a hair dryer and a good hair brush.

It only works for certain haircuts and styles but it can be a good alternative to using a hair straightener.

I found a YouTube video that demonstrates this method of using just a hair brush and a hair dryer. You can check it out here to see if it’s something that it might suit you.

All in all, I hope you find my reviews for the best hair straighteners for men helpful and that you are able to achieve the style that makes you happy.