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3 Best Moisturizing Gloves for Hands

Recommending the best moisturizing gloves for hands is as easy as telling you how the weather is outside. I could actually tell you which season we are in by simply looking at the skin on my hands.

Even the smallest change in temperature will make the skin on my hands look completely different. And that was before we had to wash our hands non-stop.

I must tell you, my hands were not happy with that change in my routine. They decided to show me that by actually getting tiny cuts and looking red and angry on the knuckles. So, we can say that my dry hands decided that they wanted some more pampering.

Which came in the form of trying out a pair of moisturizing gloves for hands. That made them happy and made my life just a tiny bit more pleasant. At least, that had an easy remedy.

Best Moisturizing Gloves for Hands: My Top Picks

applying moisturizer to hands

By using moisturizing gloves you are actually creating a complete barrier between your skin and the environment, while also intensely and fully nourishing and moistening the skin in a few hours.

They’re a pretty great, helpful beauty product to have around for when hand creams don’t cut it anymore.

Just remember: always wash your hands before inserting them into a pair of moisturizing gloves.

1. Earth Therapeutics Aloe Infused Moisture Gloves

If you want to save money, you could buy these moisturizing gloves for hands from Earth Therapeutics.

How would these help you save money?

Simply because these are washable hand gloves.

So, the way you use them is this: you apply your hand cream or Vaseline or pure aloe vera gel or whatever hand product you’re using and then put the Earth Therapeutics Aloe Infused Moisture Gloves on for the rest of the night.

You can comfortably wear them while you sleep and in the morning you will have soft hands ready for action.

They are washable and will last for years. In order to achieve that, I suggest washing them by hand with cold water. Let them dry afterwards to avoid any unpleasant smell.

These gloves are infused with aloe but that will pretty soon run off, especially after washing them just once.

2. Aveeno Repairing CICA Hand Mask for Extra Dry Skin

When a nurse reviews a skin product and says that she doesn’t want Aveeno to ever stop manufacturing them, then I’m pretty compelled to put my faith in these bets moisturizing gloves for hands.

The two main ingredients that are supposed to restore our hands and make them incredibly soft are prebiotic oat and shea butter. These two are incredibly popular for their restorative and moisturizing abilities.

Aveeno calls prebiotic oat the super-skin nurturer and, given by the many positive reviews, it is indeed so. It’s not just talk, this special ingredient helps replenish skin’s natural barrier and supports its natural ecosystem, for a healthy, balanced skin.

The other amazing thing is that you only have to wear them for 10 minutes and then you should massage the remaining product into the skin. Don’t wash it off, you don’t want to waste those nourishing delights.

They also have their Aveeno Cracked Skin Relief CICA Balm based on the same combination of ingredients. This balm is pretty cheap and it comes in a really big quantity, 11 oz. If you don’t want to spend money on the gloves, consider getting the balm.

3. Bodipure HandPure Hand Mask

If you want to pamper yourself from time to time, these moisturizing gloves can be exactly what you’re looking for.

They promise to provide intense repairing for dry skin and to even be an anti-aging natural skin treatment.

Thus, these gloves for hand are not only moisturizing but also anti-aging.

Is the list of ingredients going to support those impressive claims? Let’s find out.

Among the top ingredients, we’ll find: glycerin (really good) and a bunch of natural extracts that have very long names so, I’m not going to make a full list of them. It’s nice to know that there are a lot of extracts, I always like them.

I suppose all these extracts will contribute to some anti-aging effect but it’s not like you’re applying retinol or powerful antioxidants. Don’t expect any miracles on the anti-aging front.

You just have to wear this hand mask for 20 minutes then massage your hands but don’t rinse off. Let the ingredients be fully absorbed by the skin for a few hours after.

The price is really good, there are a lot of buying options: 1 pack, 3 packs, 12 packs, 50 packs, and even 100 packs if you get really serious about using the Bodipure HandPure Hand Mask. The bigger the quantity, the lower the price.

Best Solutions for Dry Hands

moisturizer on hand

The best solution for dry hands is to slather them at night with a petroleum-based moisturizer (Vaseline). You can switch that up by buying a pair of moisturizing gloves for hands. It will make feel like you’re taking a trip to the spa.

If you’re unconformable with getting Vaseline all over your sheets and pillows or if you want to use your phone well into the night then, wearing a pair of moisturizing gloves will help you will all of that.

Using moisturizing gloves for hands gives a different feel than slathering a heavy layer of Vaseline all over your skin. But Vaseline is without a doubt extremely effective so, if you’re suffering from very dry skin all over your body, including cracked elbows and heels, you need to try it out.

Buying a small tube of hand cream that’s especially marketed for really dry sensitive hands is another great solution for dry hands.

You will have that with you pretty much everywhere you go so you can maintain a moistened skin throughout the day. It will relieve your discomfort immediately.

Moisturizing after each hand washing will lessen the need for using more intense beauty products.

When choosing hand creams, look for ones based on glycerin. Glycerin is actually a totally underrated humectant but it’s better than hyaluronic acid. Other ingredients to look for are jojoba oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, mineral oil.

How Often Should You Use Moisturizing Gloves for Hands?

Although buying just a pair or a set of 5-10 pairs of moisturizing gloves is pretty cheap, the cost grows exponentially when you have to regularly make this purchase.


My first answer to how often should you be using moisturizing gloves is: as often as your budget allows you to do so. After all, there are so many things we have to buy to take care of our dry skin from the best moisturizers for face and body to cleansers, serums, face oils, and eye creams.


If your budget allows you to, you can definitely wear a pair of moisturizing gloves for hands as often as you feel the need to, even daily if your dry hands are making you feel completely uncomfortable.

The cheapest solution is to choose the Earth Therapeutics Aloe Infused Moisture Gloves in combination with a very good hand cream or Vaseline and wear the gloves throughout the night.