Remington I-Light Pro Review an IPL System that Beats At-Home Laser Hair Removal Kits

I’m really excited about writing this Remington I-Light Pro review. This is an amazing IPL at-home system.

But why am I saying that this is an IPL system and not a laser hair removal kit that can be used at home?


IPL (intense pulsed light) and laser are two different techniques.

The difference is in the type of light they use: IPL uses non-coherent light over a range of wavelengths, while laser uses coherent and monochromatic light. The difference is basically a technicality.

Other than that,

Both methods attack the follicle in order to destroy. However, instead of destroying the follicles, they mainly damage them.


IPL and laser both work best on people that have dark hair and light skin. It’s the lucky combination. The darker the hair, the more effective these methods are.

Remington I-Light Pro should not be used on dark skin. It should not be used for facial treatments, only below the neck. Also make sure you read the instructions carefully before using.

Shave before each session. The closer you shave to the skin, the milder the pinches and the discomfort will be.

Remington I-Light Pro Review: What You Get

The hair reduction will not be for a lifetime, once every 6 months you will probably have another IPL treatment.

It comes with:

A cartridge that has 1,500 flashes but you will need extra cartridges for the following sessions.

It has 5 levels.

You can start from level 1 to see how it feels and then move up gradually. The higher the level the better.

Probably, on the bikini area and the underarms the level 4 would be more appropriate if you want to keep the discomfort to an acceptable level.

On the legs, I am sure you will find the highest level to be great for maximum efficiency.

The side-effects include redness and a feeling compared to what you feel when you get sunburns. I don’t think that it will leave scars for a lifetime, just side-effects that will pass in about 2 days.

Ice packs and cool compresses can help a great deal.