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Remington I-Light Pro Review – One of the Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

I chose to write this Remington I-Light Pro review simply because this is one of the best at home laser hair removal devices.

It is actually an IPL at-home system but everyone calls them laser hair removal devices for at-home use so, we’ll go with that.

But why am I saying that this is an IPL system and not a laser hair removal kit that can be used at home?

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

You must know that all at-home systems manufactured for hair growth reduction are actually IPL systems and not at-home laser hair removal devices.

There’s not much difference between them so it doesn’t actually matter what we call them. The difference is basically a technicality.

We go with at-home laser hair removal systems or devices because that’s what everyone knows them as.

IPL is much safer, while laser light is more intense and concentrated and it definitely needs to be handled by a specialist who knows what they’re doing.

IPL (intense pulsed light) and laser are two different techniques.

The difference is in the type of light they use: IPL uses non-coherent light over a range of wavelengths, while laser uses coherent and monochromatic light.

Other than that,

Both methods attack the follicle in order to destroy it. However, instead of destroying the follicles, they mainly damage them.

The damage done to the follicles means that the best at home laser hair removal devices can cause a reduction in hair growth.

It means that a percentage of hairs won’t grow back back for a year or maybe two. It will give you a lot less hairs to shave, use hair removal creams on, wax or epilate.

But the hairs won’t be gone forever. To perpetuate the hair growth reduction, maintenance sessions are needed.


The best at home laser hair removal devices are IPL systems that you will end up using for years to come.

More often in the beginning and less often after the actual treatment is complete.

One last thing:

IPL and laser hair removal both work best on people that have dark hair and light skin. It’s the lucky combination. The darker the hair, the more effective these methods are.

Remington I-Light Pro is an at-home IPL system that should not be used on dark skin.

It should not be used for facial treatments, only below the neck.

Also make sure you read the instructions carefully before using it.

Shave before each session. The closer you shave to the skin, the milder the pinches and the discomfort will be.

You can only shave before each session, no other hair removal method will work when you’re undergoing laser hair removal, whether you’re doing it at home at a beauty salon.

Remington I-Light Pro Review: What You Get

The hair reduction will not be for a lifetime, once every 6 months you will probably have to do another IPL treatment.

It comes with:

4 cartridges and each one has 1,500 flashes.

There are 6,000 flashes in total and they are more than enough for enough body sessions that you will be able to tell if this at home IPL system has any impact on your hairs or not.

If a considerable percentage of hair growth reduction happens then you are lucky and you can continue with your treatments.

It has 5 levels.

You can start from level 1 to see how it feels and then move up gradually. The higher the level the better.

Probably, on the bikini area and the underarms the level 4 would be more appropriate if you want to keep the discomfort to an acceptable level.

On the legs, I am sure you will find the highest level to be great for maximum efficiency.

The side-effects include redness and a feeling compared to what you feel when you get sunburns. I don’t think that it will leave scars for a lifetime, just side-effects that will pass in a few days.

Ice packs and cool compresses can help a great deal.

The manufacturer says that you can get up to 94 percent of hair reduction in just 3 treatments.

The 94 percentage is not realistic. With IPL and laser hair removal, you can’t actually be sure that you’re going to get such a high hair reduction percentage.

Some can only achieve 40%, while for others it doesn’t work at all.

It’s unrealistic and I don’t want you to get your hopes high. Even with the best at home laser hair removal devices there’s a chance that no hair growth reduction will happen.

The thing with the 3 treatments is not right either because you will probably end up needing at least 6 treatments.

Even with a professional, there’s no guarantee that you will only need between 3 to 6 sessions.

The price for this system is about twice that of a best epilator but for the moment I still prefer using an epilator. I’m a bit reluctant spending so much money on something that I’m not completely sure that will offer results in my case.

The idea is that there are other IPL systems that are a lot more expensive.

Even Remington has two other models that are twice the price of this Remington I-Light Pro that I’m reviewing.

All in all,

I definitely believe that Remington I-Light Pro is one of the best at home laser hair removal devices and this Remington I-Light Pro review is the only one that I’ve made when it comes to at-home IPL systems, at least for now.