The Short, the Great, and the Permanent Hair Removal Methods

There are plenty hair removal methods but is there one that would satisfy us completely?

I don’t think so.

There are always things to complain about but this is what we’ve got and we have to choose one or, why not, a combination of them.

I chose the epilator as my favorite method plus facial wax strips for my upper lip.

Shaving – Great while It Lasts

women shaving her legsI’ve done a lot of shaving during my teenage years.

I was too afraid of pain probably because when I was a child my mother was using an epilator and it told me it hurts a lot.


I was also aware that waxing was pretty expensive and it involved making appointments to a beauty salon. So I said to myself that shaving was the obvious solution.

It was great.

I loved the smooth skin that followed a shaving session. My legs were incredible and I remember one summer day when a friend told me that she never gets such incredibly smooth legs with waxing.

The truth is that’s why I absolutely loved shaving, that first day smoothness is heavenly. Too bad it only lasts for up to 2 days.

Then hairs start to show and the skin is not so soft, not so pleasant.

That’s why I gave up on disposable razors as a hair removal method.

Another thing that made me really happy about shaving was that I had no ingrown hairs.

It’s pretty odd because shaving is the number one cause for ingrown hairs, followed by waxing.

I only became aware of ingrown hairs when I started waxing and also when I started using an epilator.

What I like about this so popular hair removal method?

  • shaving is affordable
  • you only need a disposable razor and shaving gel
  • it can be done in no time
  • in 200 minutes or so you can do your legs, underarms, and the bikini area
  • you can even shave your facial hair without any risks thanks to special razors designed to be used only by women for facial hair removal

What I didn’t like:

What bothered me a lot was that I could see the roots when I looked at my underarms.

I have black hair and light skin so my underarms never looked good when shaving. It’s a different thing when using waxing or an epilator – the roots are no longer there and skin looks just like skin, instead of skin with black tiny roots.


If you don’t want a hair removal method that involves any pain, except for the accidental cuttings, then you are better off with shaving.

The summer will be a busy period because that’s when most of our skin is out there in the open but, during all the other seasons, skin is mostly covered up so you can be as lazy as you want.

Hair removal creams – Similar to Shaving Without the Risk of Cutting Yourself

Hair removal creams are a popular option for women and men alike.

There’s a simple reason why that’s happening:

  • this hair removal method is incredibly fast, you need to let the depilatory cream act for up to 8 minutes (read the instructions properly!) and then rinse in the shower
  • and because there is no pain involved

Creams dissolve hairs at the surface of the skin, leading to hair free skin that lasts between 2 and 5 days.

That’s not too bad.

Especially since depilatory creams are cheap and there’s no difficulty in using them to get rid of unwanted hairs.

Waxing – Hair Removal from the Root

I tried waxing, too.

It didn’t work out for me because it was pretty expensive. And since I didn’t succeed in doing it at home with body wax strips, I gave up on it.

It’s great to have a professional do all the hair removing for you and then just walk out the beauty salon door looking and, most importantly, feeling great.

The pain was awful the first time and there are many women who feel the same as I do: waxing is just a bit more painful than epilation.

Both remove hair from the root so in time it becomes thinner and scarcer. As a direct consequence, the pain becomes less intense, too.

In time, you may simply get used to it.

Another thing that is unpleasant for many women is that you have to let the hair grow.

You have to let them have the proper length in order for waxing to be effective, which could mean letting it grow for 3 weeks at least.

It means that, during the summer, hairs will start becoming visible before you can wax them. Shaving and epilation can be done without such restraints. You can epilate whenever you feel like it, all in the comfort of your home.


I kept one thing from my home waxing experience. Even today I am using facial wax strips for my upper lip.

I got used to them so I never tried using my epilator for facial hair removal.

I only keep it for the rest of my body.


That was completely true until I bought the Braun Silk Epilk 9561. Since then I’ve used the facial cap that comes with that epilator so I was able to replace my cold facial wax strips with the tweezers of an epilator.

Epilation – My Favorite Hair Removal Method

There are many reasons for choosing an epilator:

You only pay once for an epilator and then use it for two years or three years and so on.

It’s a really affordable hair removal method!

That’s the main advantage with this method.

It also removes hairs from the root so the outcome is not having unwanted hairs for usually at least two weeks.

I’ve only said a fortnight in order to not get everyone’s hopes high, that being the average time.

Even so,

There are cases were the result can last up to one month, especially for blonde hair.

If you’ve only shaved and you’ve decided that it’s time for a switch, to a method that lasts longer than a few days and it’s not that expensive, buying an epilator could be the answer.

I just have one thing to say in this case:

So all your life you’ve only shaved, which means that most of your hair is pretty thickened and there are maybe 2 or 3 hairs coming from the same root so it’s dense.

In that situation,

An epilator can be a really painful hair removal method, I know from my own experience, since I’ve done it. The idea is that you could go to a salon for waxing, just once, and after that use the epilator.


There are solutions to feeling less intense pain: there are wet and dry epilators, meaning that you can epilate under the shower. That helps a lot with the pain because the hot water opens the pores so they are not holding on so tight to the roots.

Other things that make the experience more pleasant are the attachments.

An efficiency cap does not only help with offering optimal contact at the right angle with the skin but it also takes some of the pain away, it’s like a tiny massage done with tiny rollers.

More expensive epilators have their own built-in massage system and a pivoting head for efficiently removing hair from knees or elbows.

The disadvantages with using an epilator are

  • it takes plenty of time in the beginning, until the hairs become thinner and less dense
  • it can be really painful, especially in the beginning, but after some sessions you start getting used to it
  • and ingrown hairs

And women aren’t the only ones who use epilators.

Men are becoming familiar with these hair removal devices, too. There is even an epilator created exclusively for men.

Laser Hair Removal – Not as Permanent as It’s Believed

Ingrown hair is a disadvantage for all the above hair removal methods but that’s not the case with laser hair removal. That’s a big advantage but is it enough?

There is the belief that laser is a permanent method, that once you undergo those sessions necessary for destroying the hair follicle you will be permanently hair free.

And that’s what I thought until I began documenting about it.

I will share with you some of my findings.

During a laser session, a light-based lamp is used on a certain skin area. The hair follicle is supposed to be destroyed thanks to the exposure to laser light.

In reality, it doesn’t entirely destroy the follicle thus it only reduces hair growth.

It might not be permanent but it still offers satisfactory results that can last for up to 2 years.

Compared to electrolysis, the number of sessions is significantly shorter, between 3 to 6 sessions per area.

Another thing I believed was that laser hair removal doesn’t hurt.

It actually hurts.

Some people call it a big discomfort others simply directly call it pain.

So it hurts but the results can last for a very long time.

Epilators and waxing cause pain and these methods only last for 2 weeks, maximum a month.

But it will also cost a lot to have hair removed from all major areas, like legs, bikini area, underarms, and face, especially if you opt for a professional to do it.

A disadvantage is that it best works on people with dark hair and light skin, so I would be the perfect candidate if it weren’t for the price

A feeling compared to that when you get sunburns is the side-effect to be expected after each session of laser hair removal.

It can last for up to 2 days and ice packs and cool compresses are usually recommended.

Electrolysis – the Only Permanent Hair Removal Method

Laser is a method that cannot handle fine and light color hair but electrolysis is great in this area and not only.

The main difference between laser and electrolysis is that one offers a hair-free body for up to 2 years, while the latter offers a hair-free body for a lifetime.

Describing how it works, it might not sound too pretty but it’s extremely efficient and permanent.

Each hair follicle, one at a time, is visited by a really thin metal probe through which electricity is sent, which in turn makes follicles incapable of producing any more hairs.

This method requires trained certified professionals.

Not anyone can do it.

That’s why I would recommend letting a professional do it.

The main problem is that electrolysis takes time and a lot of it until it’s completely efficient and no hair will ever grow back from its follicle.

But if you think about it, what’s a few years of sessions for getting rid of all your unwanted hairs compared to a lifetime without hair?

A single area can require sessions over the length of one year or more.

Depending on the treated area, it can take between 9 to 18 months to destroy all hairs and their follicles.

Is electrolysis worth it?

I think it is, if you have the money and you choose the best professional for this type of hair removal method. Also, each session is going to last between 15 minutes up to 1 hour.

When you think about the fact that a fine metal probe is inserted into the follicle and that electricity is sent through that metal probe that looks like a tiny needle, the main thing that comes to mind is if it hurts.

It doesn’t hurt but a discomfort is still felt, something like a warming sensation.

Well, if it’s not pain, it’s great.

Another consequence is that you might experience something similar to sunburns but they will only last for a few hours.

The main disadvantages for electrolysis are the high prices and the long periods of time it takes until you are completely absolutely hair free.

Even so, for a person who has been suffering from skin damages caused by other hair removal methods, electrolysis could be the salvation.