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7 Essential At-Home Waxing Tips

Waxing at home is not that complicated and once you get used to it.

It can turn out to be a really good hair removal method.

If it weren’t for epilators, I would have definitely chosen waxing.

Even if it’s simple to wax at home, I think every woman needs to be reminded of some simple tips for silky smooth at-home waxing sessions.

Just so you know,

These tips are especially helpful if you want your at-home waxing experiences to be completely satisfying.

Best At Home Waxing Kit: Cirepil The Original Blue Wax Beads

If you’re looking for the best hard wax that can remove hairs from all over the body and the face, you should check out the Cirepil wax beads. These blue beads of wax transform into the best wax that can be used at home to remove all types of hairs. The reason why it’s so good is simple actually: it stick to the hairs completely but not to the skin. That’s exactly what we want because it means that most hairs will be pulled from their follicles from the first pass and the pain will also be decreased since there’s not unnecessary tugging on the skin. It also makes things less messy.

waxing tips

7 Effective Waxing Tips You need to Know

There’s not a lot to remember.

The number 7 might be quite frightening when it comes to waxing tips.


You’re going to see that I’m just being thorough, there’s not a lot to remember.

Here’s a short summary:

  • getting a good waxing kit is the first and most important step
  • exfoliation is a must, you shouldn’t skip it
  • use baby powder to absorb the moisture before applying the wax – you need the wax to stick to the hairs and remove most of them from the first pull
  • the hairs should have the proper length
  • avoid burning your skin by first testing the temperature of the wax
  • pull the strip quickly in a swift move without any hesitations in the opposite direction of hair growth
  • always moisturize after, for the face you can even use an aloe vera gel if you have sensitive skin

Waxing Tip 1. Buy a Good At-Home Waxing Kit

The first of the 7 waxing tips is to buy a great wax for hair removal.

Why is this the most important step?

Because a good wax removes all the hairs from the root from a single pass, without little or no hairs left after you quickly pull that strip.

If half of the hairs remain on your body once you pull that strip of wax then you may need to simply throw it in the garbage and buy yourself a proper waxing kit for home usage.

I’ve written two excellent posts with wonderful suggestions. One is about the top 3 at home waxing kits, while the other focuses on the best wax for hair removal.

Waxing Tip 2. Exfoliate Before Each Home Waxing Session

One of the most important things to remember is to always exfoliate before waxing.

Exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hairs by removing the layer of dead cells or dead skin, as it’s also called.

Legs are the no. 1 target for ingrown hairs so a body scrub or an exfoliating glove should be your best friends.

But don’t only exfoliate before a session and then let the exfoliating glove/body scrub slip your mind.

Exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week.

I’m doing it almost daily.

If you have serious ingrown hairs, deep ones, that have been around for a long time then you should get a chemical exfoliator, like the Pfb Vanish or the Tend skin solution.

Those two are the best.

Waxing Tip 3. Use Baby Powder Before Waxing

Once you’re done exfoliating, use baby powder on the skin area that’s about to be waxed.

Baby powder absorbs any existent moisture, which will enable the waxing to properly adhere to your skin.

Waxing Tip 4. Waxing at Home? Make Sure that the Hair Has the Proper Length

What does it mean that the hairs need to have an ideal length for waxing?

For the wax to grab the hairs and remove the majority of them from the first pass, they must be neither too short nor too long.

Between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch long.

You can use a trimmer like Panasonic ES246AC if the hairs are too long.

I would approximate that you would end up waxing once every 3 weeks.

When I was waxing, that was the time frame for me. But it depends.

If you’re new to waxing you will figure out how much time you have to wait before your hairs have the proper waxing length.z

Waxing Tip 5. Test the Temperature of the Wax

You definitely should test it if we’re talking about hard wax.

If it’s too hot it’s definitely not good.

You need the right temperature, supportable warm is how I would describe it.

If you’re using cold wax strips then it goes without saying that there are no risks.


The majority of women prefer hard wax and that’s why I insist that testing the temperature of the wax is one of the most important tips for successful at-home waxing.

Waxing Tip 6. Remove the Hair in the Right Direction while Keeping the Skin Taut

This one is another one of those essential waxing tips.

The right direction would be to pull the wax strip against the direction of the hair growth.

Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth and pull in the opposite direction in a quick move, while keeping the skin taut, stretched.

Pull without any hesitations.

Otherwise not all the hairs will be pulled from the root.

You want the hairs glued to the wax strip for silky smooth skin.

You’ve probably heard that it’s not advisable to wax the same skin region twice.

I don’t know why that is.

When I uses to use cold facial wax strips,

I would always apply two strips on each of my upper lip portions and nothing has ever happened to my upper lip. And facial skin is pretty sensitive.

Try it once and see how it goes.

I’m lazy and I don’t like using the tweezers if 2 or 3 hairs remain so I apply another facial wax strip instead.

Another thing that I should mention:

If it’s your first at-home waxing experience then you should have someone help you.

If you’ve waxed before and the pain is not a problem for you anymore you should be able to pull the strip quickly without hesitations.

But if you plan on waxing your bikini area then you might need help reaching every place that you plan on having hair-free. So in those cases, a girlfriend would be of much help. Unless you are insanely flexible.

For removing any wax residues,

Baby oil is perfect for removing wax residues and it’s also a very good moisturizer.

If you plan on using baby oil to remove the wax residues, you can skip the 7th tip entirely.

You are moisturizing and cleaning your skin with the same product.

Waxing Tip 7. Moisturize

So we’ve reached the last tip for an amazing at home waxing experience.

Using a moisturizer is a tip valid for shaving, epilation, and of course waxing.

It’s important to sooth the irritated skin. The redness will go away much faster, as well.

Basically, you can use any moisturizer that you prefer, at the moment I am using argan oil, which is also non comedogenic.

After waxing your facial hair, you can use an aloe vera gel because the skin is much more sensitive.

These are my seven tips for waxing at home, I told you there’s nothing complicated, at least in theory, you’re most likely not going to nail your home waxing experience from the first try but hang in there.