Top 6 Benefits of Steaming Your Face

There are many impressive benefits of steaming your face.

I’m going to talk all about them and much more.

Obviously, the discussion will include facial steamers, as well, but that’s not the only way that you can enjoy the many benefits of steaming your face.

There’s also the traditional method: head hanging over a bowl of water, towel thrown over the head to capture the mist.

Without further ado,

Let’s get started.

What is Facial Steaming

This one is easy, actually.

It’s self-explanatory. Steaming is the process of using hot mist to open up the pores.

By placing the face in the proximity of steam or mist, the pores open up.

Whether the mist is provided by a bowl of boiling water or, more easily and efficiently, by a facial steamer.

The Benefits of Steaming Your Face

6 benefits of facial steaming

And here we are.

Once you’ve read about all the benefits of steaming your face, you’re going to ask yourself why haven’t you done it sooner.

Beyond the many benefits, it’s just a nice relaxation method, a small way of creating a small at-home spa experience.

Benefit 1: It opens up pores

That’s the main benefit of steaming your face.

It’s the number one reason why people do it.

Those suffering from large pores will definitely see the difference. It will make them appear smaller.

Facial steamers use nan-ionic steam (that’s why they’re called nano-steamers), which penetrates the skin 10 times more effectively.

Benefit 2: You will be able to achieve a better exfoliation

Or I should say a more thorough exfoliation.

The skin is all soft and the dead skin cells will be easily removed during a gentle exfoliation.

You can also use a clay mask for exactly that purpose.

I recommend the Aztec Indian clay, which also has healing properties.

It’s an amazing product and you should definitely try it.

Benefit 3: Lotions/creams are better absorbed

Which in turn makes them so much more effective.

That’s why facial steaming is good for all skin types, including dry skin.

Because, when the pores are open, a moisturizing mask will do wonders on your dry skin.

Benefit 4: Blackheads extractions and pimple popping without scarring the skin

This one is also correlated with the opened pores.

But the whole process can be even more effective if you’re using a clay mask immediately after the steaming.

Benefit 5: It improves blood circulation

It happens because during steaming blood vessels are dilated, which in turn improves blood circulation.

Some nanosteamers manufacturers have described their products as even helping with making the skin look younger.

The skin glows and looks healthy but even so, at some point, we’re all still going to end up using anti-aging treatments.

Benefit 6: It helps with sinus congestion

That happens because the steam loosens up the mucus so it will be easier to drain it from your nose.

The same thing happens when you take a hot shower or drink a hot cup of tea.

How to Steam Your Face at Home

facial steaming step by step guide

There are two main methods that I recommend:

  •  using a facial steamer – it’s easy, efficient, and the units can be really affordable
  •  or using a bowl of boiling water, to which you can add any herbs or essential oils that you want – it’s the method used by our mothers and grandmothers

There’s also the method of using hot towels but I recommend that more before shaving for men to soften the hairs than for really being a precursory to a perfect skin routine.

1. At-Home Facial Steamers

how to steam your face with a facial steamer

Before actually talking about the actually steps that are involved when using an at-home facial steamer, it’s pretty obvious that first you need to pick the perfect unit for you.

I’ve spent quite some time coming up with the best facial steamer reviews and you can read them here.

They’ll guide you right to the best facial steamer for your needs.

Step 1: Place the unit on a flat surface near a power outlet.

Step 2: Fill up the water tank and start the unit.

Step 3: Exfoliate/cleanse your face before steaming – you need to start the process with a clean face.

Step 4: Place your face at least 7-8 inches (20cm) from the steamer to prevent any harm to your skin since the mist has a constant temperature of 104° F (40° C) – read the user manual for the exact distance.

Step 5: Use a dry towel to blot your face during the steaming.

Step 6: On average, your session should last about 10 minutes but that depends from person to person. Some people like spending more time in the steam.

Step 7: Let the unit cool down for 10 minutes before storing.

Step 8: Exfoliate/cleanse again now that you’re done.

Step 9: Splash your face with cold water.

Step 10: Now it’s time to rip some of the rest of the benefits of steaming your face: use a moisturizing mask or a serum or your usual acne treatments, the opened pores will absorb the creams and lotions better, increasing their efficiency.

2. DIY Steaming over a Bowl of Hot Water

DIY facial steaming at home

Step 1: Boil a pot of water.

Step 2: While the water boils, exfoliate/cleanse your skin.

Step 3: When it reaches the boiling point, pour it into a bowl.

Step 4: You can add herbs or essential oils, whatever oil you want.

Step 5: Put a towel over your head to better trap the steam. Don’t stand too closely to the bowl so that you don’t harm your skin.

Step 6: Exfoliate/cleanse your skin again. If you have sensitive skin, you should cleanse before and exfoliate after steaming. Use a gentle scrub and gentle circular motions. You should also use a clay mask.

Step 7: Rinse your face with cold water.

Step 8: Apply a moisturizing mask or your usual moisturizer/serum and your acne treatment.

at-home DIY facial steaming with a bowl of hot water and a towel

Essential Oils: Can You Use Anything?

essential oils for steaming face

Basically, yes.

There are a lot of essential oils, every one having its purpose.

You just need to find the one or the ones that match your needs.


  • tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties
  • eucalyptus for those with breathing problems
  • lavender for insomnia sufferers
  • peppermint for headaches
  • chamomile for soothing irritated skin

How Often to Steam Your Face

You shouldn’t exfoliate daily.

Just like most masks aren’t used daily.

It’s the same with steaming.

You should steam your face once a week. It’s enough to rip all those awesome benefits of steaming your face.