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Steaming Your Face for Acne: Does It Work?

steaming face for acne

We need to get one thing clear from the start: steaming your face for acne won’t cure your acne.

I don’t want anyone out there to believe that just through steaming alone they will get rid of current breakouts. Or that any such breakouts will no longer happen in the future never ever.

Even so, there are clear benefits. Read on if you’re interested, you will definitely learn new helpful things.

Facial Steamers I Recommend:

1. Best: OKACHI GLIYA NanoSteamer

The OKACHI GLIYA doesn’t have an outrageous price but, in my opinion, it’s the best facial steamer. It’s of high quality, it’s a nano steamer that is 10X more effective in penetrating skin than normal face steamers and it promises with problems like blackheads, dry irritated skin, and dull skin.

2. Cheapest: KingdomCares Hot Mist Facial Steamer

The KingdomCares  has created one of the cheapest facial steamers, it’s definitely a great model for those who aren’t still sure that a facial steamer might work for them, and the quality is definitely exceeding expectations.

Facial Steaming and Acne

First and foremost, the steam softens the sebum that it’s trapped inside the pores. Which, in turn, makes it so much easier to clean your skin.

It’s so important to have clean pores, it improves the way our skin looks.

I don’t strive to have a perfect skin, that will never happen, I still get breakouts at my age. Especially when I’m traveling because I can’t keep my skin as clean as I do at home.

Every single day my skin requires some taking care of. If I give it the care it requires, it rewards me by looking healthy.

And that’s all I want. Not perfect but healthy because I don’t wear any makeup.

Steaming helps with:

  • opening up pores so that you can extract blackheads and pimples without scaring your skin
  • the pores are open after that mist has penetrated your skin so your acne treatment will be more effectively and deeper absorbed by the skin cells
  • it also improves blood circulation and releases toxins

Those are the main benefits and that’s why I definitely recommend it.

Steaming alone won’t clear up your acne but it will definitely improve the healthiness of your skin.

It won’t harm the skin and it won’t take too much of your time.

It’s a relaxing experience, a simple way of creating a relaxing at-home spa experience.

Steaming face for acne can be the first step to having clean pores. And clean pores translate into smaller-looking pores. For those who have large pores, I recommend it.

How to Steam your Face for Acne

I might have already convinced you on steaming your face for acne.

Just let me tell you how easy it is.

You just need:

  • a bowl filled with hot water to which you can add essential oils, too – this is the traditional method
  • or a facial steamer, which is easier, more efficient – there are nanosteamers whose mist penetrates the skin 10 times more efficiently

You can start with the bowl method and if you get convinced on the benefits of steaming your face for acne then you can consider getting a facial steamer.

Is it good to steam your face for acne?

Yes, it’s quite beneficial to steam your face for acne.

However, steaming is just part of the process. If you rely on steaming along you won’t get too far.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • cleanse your face before steaming, it’s extremely important to start with a clean skin so that you don’t spread any bacteria
  • after steaming, cleanse your skin again, run a cold ice cub all over your face and neck, apply a pore-cleansing mask or you can even exfoliate it gently
  • apply a clay mask, I would recommend the Aztec Indian clay mask which is actually recommended for people with acne and blemishes, it will clean your pores and it’s also known for healing
  • rinse with cold water
  • apply moisturizer/serum/acne treatments

Steaming your face for acne is definitely something I encourage but only if you follow all the above steps.

How long should you steam your face for acne?

10 minutes once a week is the recommended time and frequency.

It’s more than enough, just like most masks are applied weekly.

Can steam get rid of pimples?

Steaming alone can’t get you rid of pimples.

It’s important but it’s only part of the process.

That’s the case for me.

As long as I take care of my face then I can minimize the appearance of pimples and how dry my skin is.

I suffer from both and steaming helps with both.

But I have a healthy looking skin and that’s what I strive for.

Does steaming face help acne scars?

Acne scars require patience. They’re frustrating but the face heals in time.

Steaming doesn’t help heal acne scars. You will need topical creams in order to achieve that, preferably prescribed or recommended by a dermatologist.


There’s no simple solution.

And there’s always a bit of work involved.

But steaming your face for acne once a week and then following all those other steps that I’ve described above will be so good for your skin.

It’s totally worth it!