Best Epilator for Men: Emjoi AP-18MS Review

Epilators are more of a woman’s thing but in recent years men have become considerably more interested in the methods that can make their skin smooth, free of any unwanted hairs.

For the moment,

The most popular choice is shaving.

It’s easily understandable why. If you’re already shaving your face, you can move downwards with the blade, too.

You’re used to it. It’s painless. It’s fast.  It’s really easy.

But what about an epilator for men?

Epilators for Men?

epilation for men

I’m truly excited about writing this post because the word epilation is not usually heard coming from a man’s mouth.

It’s true that you don’t like being hairy either but the most frequent method for getting rid of unwanted hair is shaving.

Trimming is very popular, too.

It offers a clean look without the side-effects of shaving.

I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to use an epilator for a long time now but he’s always given me a straightforward “No” for an answer when bringing up the subject.

The reason is obvious: pain.

He prefers sticking to razors, even though the biggest disadvantages is obvious: the hairs grow back in no time.

You only need to epilate twice a month.

It’s just like waxing only a lot more simple, a lot cheaper, and even a bit faster.

According to CostHelper, getting your chest area waxed can cost around $50. Check their article if you want price info for every area.

That’s almost as much as price for the Emjoi AP-18MS.

It’s definitely the price of a Braun Silk Epil 5280. It might be an epilator for women but,without a doubt, men can use it, too.


Before moving on to actually talking about which on is the best epilator for men, I want to share with you something I definitely didn’t know.

According to gotoBrazils Waxing Center, men can get aroused when they’re getting a Brazilian. It seems that it happens about 50% of the time.

So, don’t worry. The technicians are already used to it.

Should Men Choose Epilation as a Hair Removal Method?

You know that pain is involved, a great deal of it if you’ve never waxed, just shaved. But you know how it goes: take it like a man.


If you can stand the pain in the beginning, after a while you get totally used to it.

You should consider getting a best epilator for men if you know that you have a high pain threshold.

One simple way to find out is going to a salon for a professional waxing. Epilation is a bit more painful but not by much.

One more thing:

Ingrown hairs are a disadvantage.

But there are plenty of ways for preventing and removing them.

Waxing is an alternative to epilation because it also removes hairs from the root.

The trick is to pick a good at-home waxing kit to keep the costs down and the satisfaction high.

However, compared to epilation, waxing at home is harder, it requires a bit of technique and knowledge and it’s definitely messier.

Epilators for Women That Can be Used by Men, Too

Braun Silk-Epil 5280 tweezers
Braun Silk-Epil 5 Series

When you are looking for an epilator for men, my first recommendation is Emjoi AP-18MS.

However, you don’t have to get this one. There are many alternatives, like:

  • Braun Silk-Epil 7681 is a fantastic epilator for the whole body, great for coarse as well fine hairs but it might not be exactly perfect for men because it’s cordless so you can use it for 40 minutes after charging it an hour
  • Braun Silk Epil 5280, which has a more affordable price, it’s corded so you can use it however long you want, and it’s pretty powerful, I highly recommend it as a best epilator for men
  • Emjoi AP-18 – the name is very similar because this is an epilator for women that’s almost identical to the Emjoi AP-18MS but it’s a bit more affordable so you might want to check it out

Emjoi AP-18MS: One of the Best Epilators for Men

When the words epilator for men come to my mind, I immediately think about the fantastic Emjoi AP-18MS.

It’s powerful so it easily removes coarse hairs.

It’s easy to use and fast.

It’s painful but you’ll soon get used to it.

It has very similar looks to the Emjoi AP-18, designed for women. One is black and the other one is red.

The metallic tweezers combined with dark black and a little blue definitely are the inspiration of a manly design so everything about this device screams epilator for men.

But I’m sure there are women out there who appreciate this type of design, as well.

Number of Tweezers

Before talking about the technical aspects for this epilator for men, I would like to make something clear.

It’s always best to epilate when you have less hair to remove.

Like once every two weeks. Or once per week in the beginning.

The pain is less intense and the sessions are much shorter.

For the areas you can’t reach, like your back, you can ask a friend to help you with it.

Just don’t forget to exfoliate your back, too, and any other area that you remove hair from.

With the Emjoi AP-18MS things can certainly go fast enough thanks to its 72 metallic tweezers.

That’s a great deal of tweezers for an epilator for men.

It also means that this is a powerful hair removal device, which is very good for removing coarse hairs.

Pain Level

You might wonder how much it hurts if it has so many tweezers.

There are reviews from men who say that it hurts less than waxing.

It’s not a scary thing that makes a lot of noise and makes you scream with pain.

It can be used on the legs, arms, chest, back, neck hair, underarms, and other sensitive areas.

I don’t think that anyone would use it to remove facial hair. I would definitely not advise you to think of that. The pain would be intolerable and it might damage your skin, since it’s so sensitive.


The middle lifting fingers are one nicely welcomed addition because they make sure that no hair is left behind.

That’s one of the reasons for which Emjoi AP-18MS is such an awesome epilator for men.

It also means that the number of passes required to get rid of all the hairs, long or small, is reduced.

You won’t get that irritated, either.

Even so:

Always remember to moisturize after each epilation.

You need to sooth your skin, after all you have put it through quite a shock.

As time passes, your skin will barely get any red shades but you still need to moisturize.

If you are slightly reluctant in the beginning, there are two speeds.

If you want to take it slow, try speed no. 1 but it won’t be as fast and as fast as speed no. 2.


The Emjoi AP-18MS  is a medium-priced epilator for men. It’s almost expensive but also totally worth it.

The bottom line is:

It’s a lot cheaper than going once every two weeks to a beauty salon for waxing.

Salon waxing prices are the major reason why I switched to epilation.

What I like:

Emjoi AP-18MS is not only the first epilator for men but it’s also an incredibly powerful one.

It’s corded. The cable is long enough so you can reach all the hairy spots.

The design is fierce. The black color combined with the metallic tweezers make it look really nice.

The 72 tweezers are impressive, making the epilation process a pretty fast one.

It also features middle lifting fingers for removing flat hairs and also hair as short as 0.4mm.

What I don’t like:

There’s no built-in light, which is not what I was expecting for this price level.

The price is just a little too high but for what it offers it’s worth it.

You cannot use this epilator or any other epilator to remove nasal hair.

Ear hair removal is not possible, either.

For those sensitive tiny areas, I would recommend a trimmer .

Now that you’ve read this review for an epilator for men and its alternatives, are you ready to try one and see how it goes?