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Best Electric Shavers for Women for Painless, Quick Hair Removal

are electric razors for women worth it
When searching for the best electric shavers for women you’re actually searching for a safe alternative to razors (no risk of nicks/cuts) with a considerable perk on top: using an electric shaver is cheaper.

Shaving is the hair removal method that reminds me of a period of my life long gone: my high school years. Even so, I’ve never been a fan of electric shavers.

I used disposable razors in the beginning, when I just started to shave. After that, I switch to a razor with refills, that was actually a model designed for men but I absolutely loved it.

That being said, I’m pretty sure I was able to find some amazing electric razors for women. I surely hope I’ve made your choice easier.

Best Electric Shavers for Women Reviewed

A women’s electric razor will work perfectly for at least a couple of years, usually until the battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore or it simply breaks down.

Considering how cheap they are, you get an amazing deal overall.

There’s no stress of running out of refills, which are also pretty expensive, or of suddenly realizing that you forgot to add disposable razors to the shopping list.

All these women’s electric razors can be used wet & dry.

They are also rechargeable or battery-operated.

1. Panasonic ES2207P Women’s Electric Razor: One of the Best Electric Shavers for Women

The Panasonic ES2207P is pretty much the first model that comes to my mind when talking about the best electric shaver for women.

It’s my favorite simply because:

  • it offers a really close shave, almost as good as a manual razor
  • I think it might the closest that you can get when using an electric shaver for women
  • it’s long-lasting
  • it’s really affordable

The Panasonic ES2207P features:

  • 3 stainless steel hypoallergenic blades and a very sharp foil
  • pop up trimmer for longer hairs that can be used on the whole body, a great 2-in-1 device
  • the Floating Head Shaving System, which is a fancy name for the fact that this electric razor for women adjusts to the contours of the body
  • works both in the shower with shaving gel and on dry skin without risk of irritations
  • for some, the wet option offers a closer shave and smoother skin
  • good for sensitive skin, as well
  • can be used on the whole body (bikini, legs, underarms, arms, etc) but don’t use it on the face
  • the only inconvenient thing is that you have to charge it for 12 hours for 20 minutes use
  • 20 minutes is enough for a whole body shave
  • you will have to go back and fort over the same area in order to cut all the hairs close to the skin

It’s pretty much a safe bet when it comes to a great shaving experience offered by a best electric shaver for women.

And that’s exactly why I also have it featured in my post covering the best razors for women.

Trimmer function

Moreover, I also included it when talking about the best bikini trimmers. It excels at both.

This is an extremely popular hair removal device because it’s a winning combination: high quality for a low price.

It delivers what it promises and that’s exactly what users are always looking for, no matter what the product is intended for.

The Panasonic ES2207P is a pretty fantastic women’s electric razor and that’s why it’s my first choice when it comes to the best electric shaver for women.

2. Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Norelco OneBlade is a product for men that women love just as much as men do. I recommended it as one of the best bikini trimmers but I also want to recommend it as one of the best electric shavers for women because it certainly excels at both.

It’s a 2-in-1 shaver & trimmer that can be used by men and women alike. However, it’s not exactly the cheapest hair removal product. If the price is not a problem for you, you should see if this men electric razor and trimmer would work for your needs and body.

At first glance, you wouldn’t believe that this is an electric shaver. It looks quite similar to a manual razor so it’s easy to mistake it for a manual razor. But it’s electric 100%.

You’ll have to charge it for 8 hours and get to use it for 60 minutes. That’s a pretty good deal. It’s quite fast when it comes to charging times and it offers a very good working time.

With 60 minutes of use for one charge, you can use it on multiple occasions, even if you have to shave hairs from all over the body.

It will work for all areas: legs, arms, underarms, chest, back, and on the whole bikini area.

Philips OneBlade as One of the Best Electric Shavers for Women

We get 2 blades. One can be used on the face and the other is for body hair removal. Either of these blades will have to be replaced once every 4 months. But it also depends on how often you end up using this Philips OneBlade as an electric shaver.

For sensitive area, we get a skin guard, which I appreciated.

Just as a large majority of the best electric shavers for women, this OneBlade can also be used wet or dry.

However, user report that if we use it wet with a shaving gel we can get a closer shave. That’s good to know. When using an electric razor, there’s always the question of how close of a shave can we get.

In my opinion, electric shavers won’t cut the hairs as close to the skin as manual razors are capable of doing. But we’re here to review only the products that can get very close to the skin. You can be sure of that.

Moreover, the OneBlade comes with a contour following feature. It’s nice, whether you use it as a shaver or a trimmer.

Trimmer function

If you want to use it as a trimmer, too, you should know that there’s only one length option, 3 mm.

There are 4 stubble combs and 1 comb for the body. That’s because it was designed as a beard trimmer, too. It strives to serve multiple needs and that’s why it can be used by both men and women for different parts of the body and face.

3. Philips SatinShave HP6306/50: Best Electric Shaver for Women for Sensitive Skin

What’s the deal with the Philips SatinShave HP6306/50?

For one, it’s incredibly cheap.

But also very pretty. So feminine but the design is still simple. I love it.

Let’s see if it’s also worthy of being considered a best electric shaver for women for something other than it’s stunningly affordable price.

The Philips SatinShave HP6306/50 offers:

  • there’s only 1 shaving foil but it gets the job done even though it doesn’t offer the closest shave
  • don’t use it for facial hair removal – I recommend the Tinkle razor if you want to shave your face
  • very good for sensitive skin, it shouldn’t irritate at all and, obviously, there won’t be any risk of nicks or cuts
  • works best on legs, underarms, and arms
  • the shape is not exactly good for the bikini area, you need to look at another model if that’s the area that you intend to use it on
  • very fast, you can use it almost on the whole body but it’s perfect for getting smooth legs in no time whether in the shower (you can use
  • gel/shaving cream) or on dry skin
  • it’s not rechargeable, it works on 2 AA batteries that are included in the package
  • can be used wet & dry
  • comes with a protective cap for the foil but you still need to clean it after using it and don’t forget to lubricate the foil, too

4. Remington WSF4810US: Cheap Electric Shaver for Women

I didn’t even imagine that an electric shaver can be available at such a stunning cheap price.

Even if it breaks down in a year, it’s totally worth it.

The Remington WSF4810US is here to dispel every notion that you might have of cheap hair removal products.

Remington WSF4810US offers:

  • 3 blades with 1 being the hypoallergenic foil
  • can be used wet & dry on the entire body but it’s especially good for legs, very fast
  • it’s battery operated not rechargeable – works on 2 AAA batteries, which are not included in the package

This model will not offer you an incredibly smooth shave but it’s easy to use and fast and you can’t beat that price. There’s nothing cheaper.

I’m still amazed that such a product exists. And that’s why it deserves to be named ones of the best electric shavers for women.

5. Remington WDF5030ACDN: Two Foils Electric Shaver for Women

This women’s electric razor is definitely more expensive than the above Remington.

It’s actually one of the most expensive on this list for the best shaver for women.

What can you expect from it?

  • the most impressive aspect is the blade system – it justifies the much higher price
  • it has a total of 4 blades
  • out of those 4, there are two foils and that’s something that none of the above models can brag about
  • you will definitely be able to get a very close shave but it’s still a bit pricey, for example the Panasonic ES2207P is much cheaper
    the other 2 blades can be used as trimmers but it’s not always easy to position the shaver so that the trimmers are the ones catching the hairs, it’s all about angling the hairs towards these two blades
  • for that purpose it includes a bikini trimmer headguard
  • there’s even a Moisturizer Strip Technology Almond Oil that one usually finds in manual razors
  • you still need to moisturize properly after shaving, whether it’s an electric or a manual model, whether it has a strip or not
  • rechargeable, it doesn’t work on batteries
  • good for sensitive skin, too, and can even for facial hair removal but I still recommend getting a razor like the Tinkle or the one from Schick
  • like all the others, it works both in the shower and on dry skin
  • however, it seems that it works much better on dry skin, while the Panasonic ES2207P was more satisfactory on wet skin for some users

All of the above are good points and I’m truly impressed with this as a best electric shaver for women but you must know that you have to charge it for 24 hours before your first use and you get 30 minutes of cordless usage time.

From time to time, charge it for 20 hours once the battery life completely runs out, that way you can prolong battery life

6. Philips SatinShave BRL140/50: Amazing Accessories

I’ve decided to talk about the Philips SatinShave BRL140/50 immediately after the above Remington model because they are pretty close in one respect: the price.

The Philips SatinShave BRL140/50 offers:

  • it’s really pretty
  • it has 3 blades, one is the foil
  • one of the few electric shavers that comes with several attachments: trimming comb, soft glide cap, and efficiency cap – you’ll probably end up using the trimming comb the most if you want to trim your bikini area
  • not the most impressive when it comes to giving a smooth close shave
  • it actually works better as a trimmer, it seems that Philips has forgotten that this was supposed to be primarily an electric shaver for women
  • works great on the entire body – arms, legs, underarms, bikini area
  • good for sensitive skin
  • quite expensive
  • can be used wet & dry but it seems that it works better on wet skin for some, don’t forget to use a shaving gel/cream, while for others the dry experience is best – try it out and see how you end up liking it best
  • you get an impressive 1 hour of cordless use when fully charged
  • charge it fully before first use, it takes 8 hours

Overall, there are some very good points about the Philips SatinShave BRL140/50 but I’m not exactly in awe with it. Still, we can consider it one of the best electric shavers for women.

7. Panasonic Close Curves ES-WL80-V

Another good model from Panasonic is this ES-WL80-V. However, out of the two, I still prefer the ES2207P. The ES-WL80-V is also about $10 more expensive. Let’s see what we get for the extra money.

There are 4 floating blades. These are supposed to gently hug curves, making it great for more difficult to shave areas, like the knees or the bikini area.

Therefore, we can say that for the extra $10 we get an extra blade. I don’t think that it will make that much of a difference.

For example, some people won’t notice a difference between a manual razor with 5 blades and one with 3 blades. The same thing might be true for these two best electric shavers for women from Panasonic.

Obviously, we also get a pop-up trimmer.

The hypoallergenic blades and foils minimize irritation. That’s true for most electric shavers.

Another difference is made in the fact that the ES-WL80-V includes a bikini attachment, a bikini comb, travel cap, travel pouch, and cleaning brush.

It can be used both wet and dry.

8. Panasonic Bikini Trimmer and Shaver ES-WV60-S: Perfect Shaver for the Bikini Area

Another product from Panasonic is this trimmer + shaver. I would say that this model works much better for those who are looking first for a trimmer and then for a best electric shaver for women for the bikini area.

The components for this ES-WV60-S are:

  • trimmer head
  • shaver head
  • bikini comb attachment
  • skin guard attachment

It can also be used wet and dry, which is expected from all trimmers and shavers.

9. Conair All-in-One Facial Hair Trimming System

If you don’t want to use a facial razor for women and you don’t like facial wax strips either, then you could get a painless facial hair removal product like this one from Conair.

All of the above best electric shavers for women are for the body. Let’s review a product that is only for the face.

This Conair comes with 5 attachment heads for grooming eyebrows and for removing unwanted hair from the face and other delicate areas.

First, there’s a rotary shaver for quick, close facial shave for women.

Then, we have: eyebrow comb, eyebrow trimmer, detail comb, and multi-use trimmer for head-to-toe grooming.

However, since it’s on the smaller side, it will work on smaller areas: underarms, face, bikini area. It will take too long if you use it to shave your legs.

It can be used both wet and dry.

What Is an Electric Shaver and How Does it Work?

Gillette has some amazing illustrations on how an electric shaver actually works. It answers the question perfectly.

An electric shaver uses two blades to cut the hairs, the motion is an imitation of how scissors work.

So, there are two parts: the perforated metal foil and, underneath, a set of tiny blades that move really quickly and cut the hairs.

Also, the perforated holes are smooth on the outside but sharp on the inside, acting like the second blade.

All of the above models are cordless, either working on battery or rechargeable.

The cheaper ones are battery operated but the battery lasts pretty long so, it’s not an actual reason of concern.

There are no corded women’s electric razors.

The advantage is that you can use them wet or dry.

The idea is that a wet shave where you need to use a shaving gel or cream offers a closer shave. But that’s not the same for everyone.

Once you get your preferred electric razor, try it both ways and see which one works best for you.

All these models are portable.

The Remington WSF4810US is a perfect example of portability. It’s incredibly cheap, I couldn’t believe at first, and just perfect for travels.

Trimmer function

The additional feature for some of the above models is the trimmer function.

On some it works better than on others but it’s just a matter of getting used to the right angle to work the trimmer.

Cheap and easy to use

Electric razors are amazing because they’re affordable and, provided you don’t have bad luck, they can last a very long time, which makes them really cheap in the long-run.

If getting the closest smoothest shave is your objective, then you’d better skip on getting an electric shaver.

A safety razor offers the closest shave. But that’s what guys are used to using, although there are some designed especially for women. Next on the list of cutting the hairs really close to the skin are razors that work with refills and disposable razors.

Only after that, come the best electric shavers for women. In my opinion, the Panasonic ES2207P should be the first one you check out.

Nevertheless, as you saw above, there are many models to choose from so, it’s all good. Take you pick.

Types of Electric Shavers for Women

There are two types of electric razors:

  • rotary – the ones with rotary discs on top, you’ve seen them everywhere
  • linear – the ones with the foil with tiny holes on top

The above best electric shavers for women are all linear, they all cut the hairs with the help of a perforated metal foil.

Rotary razors are for men and they’re usually only used to remove facial hair.


They both work on the same principle with just a bit of difference.

That technical difference is what makes their designs completely different.

Foil Electric Shaver

As I mentioned when I talked about how an electric shaver works, there are tiny blades beneath the metal foil, the thing with the tiny holes that is smooth on the outside and presses down on the skin.

Those blades underneath are called the undercutter.

That’s true for both types of electric razors.

In the case of a foil electric shaver, the undercutter moves from side to side in a linear movement, thus the name linear electric razor.

That’s why you have to move it up and down on the body.

Rotary Electric Shaver

In the case of a rotary electric razor, the undercutter goes in circles.

When being used, it’s moved in a circular manner.

Both can give you a pretty smooth shave. The rotary ones are very popular among men.

No matter which one you end up using or on which part of the body, it’s important to moisturize after each shave.

For a more sensitive part of the body (face, bikini area) you can also use an aloe vera gel.

Why Get the Best Electric Shavers for Women?

how to pick the best electric shaver for you

Why would you consider getting a best electric shaver for women?

Well, for one thing, they’re safe and easy to use. There’s no need to be afraid of nicks or cuts. The blades work really well.

If you handle it well, a good electric shaver will cut your unwanted hairs closely to the skin and you will have smooth skin in no time.

Electric shavers work really fast.

Just make sure to clean it really well after each shaving.

Since these hair removal devices come with a charger, it’s a risk that in the future, at some point, the battery will no longer hold a charge and then it’s time to shop for a new one.

Even so, they’re totally worth it due to their price.

It will not be a hardship to replace it.

Women’s electric razors are really affordable. Most will work really well for at least a couple of years.

How to Choose the Best Electric Razor for Women

  • getting a smooth shave is the first objective and, while electric razors for both women and men don’t offer as smooth a shave as manual or safety razors, it’s still important to get a very close shave – the Panasonic ES2207P is a good example that it’s possible to get a very close shave
  • battery or rechargeable – there aren’t many on battery, those are the really cheap ones
  • if you get a rechargeable model you need to fully charge it from time to time to prolong the battery life (it can take anywhere from 8 to 12 to 20 hours, it’s written in the user manual) – most stop working because the battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore
  • there aren’t many models for which you can find replacement foils – it’s best to maintain and clean it properly
  • only the really cheap ones don’t come with a trimmer
  • there’s not a big difference to be made based on price, they can be considered pretty affordable hair removal devices
  • the ones for women are almost all linear razors
  • all work both wet (with shaving gel/cream) and on dry skin
  • you will need to move it up and down several times over the same area until all the hairs are cut irrespective of which model you end up choosing

How to Use an Electric Shaver

  • exfoliate your skin the day before – this step is not necessary but exfoliation removes dead skin cells and the skin feels amazing after, I exfoliate daily but that’s because I use an epilator, which is quite prone to causing ingrown hairs
  • make sure the electric razor is charged, it works at its full speed and power when it’s fully charged
  • if the hairs are too long, use the trimmer first (most models come with trimmer blades, too) to shorten the length and then let the foil do the cutting as close to the skin as it can
  • in areas like the underarms and the bikini area, stretch the skin to get a close shave
  • hold the device at a right angle to the skin (90 degrees)
  • shave against the direction in which the hair is growing, multiple passes will be necessary
  • there’s no need to push the foil into the skin, hold it comfortably
  • if you opt for a wet shave, use a good shaving gel/cream, the quality of it can influence the smoothness of the shave and how your skin feels afterwards
  • clean the foil, use rubbing alcohol to disinfect it, lubricate the foil with baby oil/mineral oil, and store it once it’s dry
  • moisturize with a nourishing body lotion after each shave

Pros of Using an Electric Shaver

electric razor pros

  • there are no nicks or cuts and that’s a big plus, even experienced shavers are prone to nick their skin once in a while
  • it’s great for beginners, great for teenagers who don’t want to experience the pain of waxing but are not comfortable with using something with a blade, either
  • it’s so much faster than using a manual razor
  • it can be used wet & dry, it’s an advantage over a normal razor that can be used only wet
  • with an electric razor, whether it’s for men or for women, you don’t have to use shaving creams since it can be used dry but if you want to use it wet then you have to use shaving cream or gel for the best experience
  • the best electric shaver for women is expected to include a trimmer blade, you don’t have to spend extra money on a trimmer but some are more difficult to use, it’s all about angling
  • it’s much cheaper than getting a razor that works with refills or a disposable one, considering that you buy the device just once and then all you have to do is to recharge and maintain it
  • great for sensitive skin, an electric shaver is less likely to irritate the skin
  • very easy to travel with them
  • can help reduce ingrown hairs

Cons of Using an Electric Razor

  • an electric razor will not be able to offer your skin that divine smooth finish that a manual does, it just doesn’t get that incredibly close to the skin
  • it can still lead to irritation but practice makes everything better in the end, it’s just like with any other hair removal method
  • the battery life will run out eventually and it won’t be able to hold a charge, at which point you will have to get a new electric shaver but given the price, it’s not a huge repurchase
  • maintenance: you should lubricate the foil with baby oil/mineral oil, clean it thoroughly after each usage using rubbing alcohol to disinfect it and then let it dry completely before storage, also charge it fully when the battery’s charge is down
  • don’t use it for facial hair removal, if you want to try shaving your face (it’s not that a taboo thing for women anymore) then I recommend the Tinkle razor or the one from Schick, they’re both really good and completely safe, no risk of cuts or nicks with these two, either

Is It Better to Shave With an Electric Razor or a Blade?

shaving pros and cons

Both are good for shaving. You can’t really say that it’s better one way or another.

A blade offers a smoother closer shave but it can also cut or nick the skin, it’s also more likely to irritate it. And it might lead to more ingrown hairs.

For men, the closest shave is offered by a safety razor. And the replaceable blades are super cheap.

An electric razor is safe and very fast. Those are two major reasons for preferring this device.

Even so, you might have to shave more frequently.

It also takes a bit of time getting used to it.

Another major advantage is that an electric shaver can last a long time. Those for women are really affordable so it’s a very affordable convenient option in the long-run.

You just have to clean it after each usage and maintain the foil since you basically can’t find replacement foils for the majority of these best electric shavers for women, the exception being made by the Philips OneBlade.