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Best Facial Razors for Women: Painless, Safe, and Fast Facial Hair Removal

best facial razors for women

Did you ever think that there would come a time when we would be searching for the best facial razor for women?

A few years ago I actually wrote a post on the Tinkle and I also included the Schick Facial Razor as an alternative because these two are the best facial razors for women.

Thus, I’m totally aware that it’s been quite a while since these kind of facial hair removal products for women have been around.

But I got to thinking that maybe there are more facial razors for women than those two that I mentioned or other painless facial hair removal products for women on the market that I neglected to review.

So, let’s do that. Let’s see what these painless facial hair removal products for women have to offer.

Before that,

I just want to mention that some of these razors are also called dermaplaning tools.

Later on, I’ll also further expand on what is dermaplaning and which are the benefits.

10 Best Facial Razors for Women

My first two recommendations for the best facial razor for women remain my top favorites. Even so, let’s see what other options are out there as painless facial hair removal products for women.

1. Tinkle Facial Razor – Overall Best Facial Razor for Women

The Tinkle is already world-famous as a first option when it comes to choosing the best facial razor for women.

It’s also one of the cheapest options. For a really low price you get 6 razors. That’s a lot of razors but they get dull pretty fast so, it’s a good thing that they’re so cheap.

It’s absolutely great and so incredibly popular. Women love discovering how easy and fast it is to remove all types of facial hair with the Tinkle.

It can be used on the eyebrows, it’s actually called Eyebrow Razor, but it can be used on the neck and face, as well.

You don’t need to know much about how to use a facial razor like the Tinkle.

Cleanse your skin (wash your face), dry it completely, and you’re good to go. It’s best to shave in the direction of hair growth.

Don’t worry about getting nicks or cuts. These razors are especially made for the face, for being used on dry skin in completely safe conditions.

Once you’re done, always moisturize.

The Tinkle doesn’t irritate the skin but, since it’s a dermaplaning tool, it means that it also exfoliates the skin a bit. After exfoliation, you should always sooth the skin.

The Tinkle is awesome because it works both for removing peach fuzz as well as coarse hairs, which can be found on the chin, the upper lip for some of us, and on the sideburns.

This is very important: the hairs won’t grow back thicker or coarser or darker in color.

They grow back quickly, in a few days, because this is shaving we’re talking about but the hairs grow back to be the same as before they were cut.

2. Schick Hydro Silk Facial Razor – One of the Most Popular Best Facial Razor for Women

This is another one of those dermaplaning tools that I was talking about.

But it’s also a best facial razor for women that is used to remove unwanted hair from the entire face without feeling any pain, with no thought about dermaplaning and notions like that.

The Tinkle and Schick have been my first two introductions to the world of special facial razors for women.

I’m just glad to see how popular they have become, how these two models have become the answer to questions like “what do I do about my peach fuzz on the cheeks?”, “how do I remove my mustache without feeling any pain?”, “what would be the fastest way to get rid of my chin hair?”.

The Schick Hydro Silk Facial Razor has 3 main purposes:

  • expertly shapes eyebrows
  • gently exfoliates
  • removes fine hairs and it will also work on coarse hairs

You only get 3 razors but it’s an affordable price. Once you notice the blade getting dull, you should immediately switch to a new razor to avoid any irritation.

A Schick facial razor seems to last longer than the Tinkle. I’m talking about the fact that the blade gets dull after more uses. But I still consider the Tinkle to be my first recommendation.

The Schick Hydro Silk Facial Razor is used in the same manner: cleanse your skin, dry it completely, shave in the direction of hair growth, don’t press on the skin, a sharp blade will cut the hairs from the first pass, and always moisturize immediately after.

3. Cicinujoy 40Pcs Face Razors – The Cheapest Price

If you want to get your hands on 40 best facial razors for women for the cheapest price, look no further.

Just as I saw a user say in a review: they are cheap and they work…what else do you want?

And, indeed, what more could you want for this low price?

The biggest advantage with getting 40 razors for face is that you can use the blade just once and throw it away. That’s really sanitary.

I definitely recommend them as the cheapest best dermaplaning tools and for removing peach fuzz and shaping eyebrows.

4. Jasclair Dermaplaning Tool – One of the Best Dermaplaning Tools

This is definitely one of the best dermaplaning tools. It’s not only a best facial razor for women, it works as both.

Some users have said that they’ve stopped going to their monthly dermaplaning appointments after using this tool. That’s definitely a loud and clear approval. I definitely had to recommend it to you.


You get 9 razors for a really good price.

5. Shiseido Facial Razor for Women – More Expensive than the Norm

Shiseido is a brand famous for its skincare products. It turns out that they also ventured into producing facial razors for women.

You also get 9 pieces as it’s the case with the above ones but these ones from Shiseido are almost double the price.

They use sharp and durable Japanese blades that are designed with fine micro guards to protect the skin.

To me, these blades look like all the other blades from other facial razors for women. The Shiseido ones work really great at cutting the hairs without causing any irritation, they’re good.

The package also includes oil blotting facial papers, which remove excess oil throughout the day for those who can’t go for a quick cleanse. You can also use facial wipes for oily skin in order to remove that excess oil, which makes your face shiny.

6. Mudder Facial Shaver 10 Pieces

I think that the first thing you’ll notice about these facial razors for women if you read the user reviews is that they’re very sharp.

Someone mentioned that after using Tinkle and finding the blade on the Tinkle to be too dull, they purchased these ones from Mudder and they were excited about how sharp the blade was.

Thus, if you’re looking for sharp blades, this might be the perfect product for you.

A person with experience when it comes to the skincare/beauty business declares that these Mudder Facial Shavers are the best dermaplaning tools that they’ve used.

The advantages are:

  • they’re bigger than other razors
  • they’re sharper
  • you don’t need to press into the skin to shave
  • if you know how to use them, you won’t knick your skin
  • they’re great for sensitive skin because you don’t have to put pressure on the skin in order to remove peach fuzz and coarse hairs
  • even though it’s big, it still works very well for shaping eyebrows
  • some reviews mention applying oil on the skin before shaving
  • they’re reusable, just make sure to disinfect them between uses

7. Mooerca Dermaplaning Tool

These are like all the other generic facial razors for women that are on the market.

The biggest advantage? You get 60 pieces for the cheapest price. Thus, if you want a big quantity for a low price, these are the dermaplaning tools to check out.

8. Tweezerman Facial Razor

Did Tweezerman succeed in making the best facial razors for women the same way it created some of the best tweezers?

Well, not exactly.

There a few complaints from users that the blade cuts the face. Some also complain that it doesn’t do a good job in getting rid of facial hair.

However, what I can’t figure out is where do we get refills from? I couldn’t come up with an answer. Maybe you’ll have a better chance of finding a place that sells refills for the Tweezerman Facial Razor because I wasn’t able to.

In the package we get the facial razor and there are 3 replacement blades included. After that, I don’t know where you buy just the replacement blades to attach to the handle.

We are advised to replace the blades once every 2-3 months or as needed.

You can use it either on dry and moisturized skin. Or you can use it while washing your face with your face wash still on the skin.

9. Kinghood Double Edge Safety Razor for Body & Face

If you’re in the mood for something completely different than the best facial razors for women that I recommended above, then you might be interested in trying to use a safety razor.

Well, even women who have come around to the idea that shaving their face is totally find and efficient, might have a hard time accepting that we can use a safety razor for face and body hair removal.

This one from Kinghood has a pretty decent price so that’s the first plus.

We also get to choose from different colors: pink, indigo purple, light purple, mint green, pink blue. They’re all just so pretty.

Obviously, men can use this safety razor, too. It’s certainly a good alternative to the all metallic look.

The package also comes with 10 razor blades. After that, you can buy blades from whatever manufacturer you prefer.

The entire razor is made of high-strength metal and the handle is non-slip. Overall, the design is awesome.

In the end, if you’re ready to try something completely different from what we’re used to, I absolutely recommend Kinghood Double Edge Safety Razor as one of the best facial razors for women. It will be wonderful on the body, as well. I believe that this is the closest shave you’ll get.

10. Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women – The Alternative to a Facial Razor

Well, if you’re looking for an alternative to the best facial razor for women, the Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women might be exactly what you need.

It cuts the hairs very close to the skin but it doesn’t get as unbelievably close as a razor does. But those who have something holding them back from using a razor for face can try this trimmer to see how it goes.

You will get smooth skin for a few days.

The head of this trimmer is very small and slim, it will reach all places. There’s also a pivoting head to help with that.

The blade is very thin, made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. It can be used on sensitive skin, as well.

There are two trimming attachments for perfectly shaping your eyebrows.

It’s used directly on dry skin. After, you rinse and then always moisturize.

Since it’s a trimmer, it works with 1 AAA battery, which is not included. I can’t never figure why they wouldn’t include a battery. Panasonic estimates that the operating time is 8 shaves.

The blade will get dull at some point. When that happens, you have to buy a new trimmer, there are no replacement blades. It can take anywhere from 6 months up to 1 year before that happens.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is quickly becoming quite the famous procedure and people are interested if they can do their own dermaplaning at home because going to a dermatologist or a spa can cost quite a bit.

It’s promoted as a cosmetic procedure that should be performed by a specialist for the following purposes and benefits:

  • a facial hair removal option
  • painless option for women for removing facial hair, especially peach fuzz (vellus hair), with additional benefits
  • peach fuzz is cut at the surface of the skin, similar to using a best facial razor for women
  • the hairs won’t grow back darker or thicker, that’s just a shaving myth
  • dermaplaning is performed by using a sterile surgical scalpel – you read that right, if a specialist is performing the procedure, he/she is going to use a scalpel on the top layers of the skin
  • it can be used in conjunction with other procedures (chemical peel, microdermabrasion, facials, laser, etc.)
  • besides removing peach fuzz, dermaplaning is used for exfoliation
  • when the scalpel is used on the top layer of the skin, it also removes dead skin cells
  • the exfoliation promotes cellular turnover, which can promote younger-looking skin
  • it works for sensitive skin and it can be performed as frequently as you can afford it
  • the skin becomes truly smooth – applying makeup will be completely different
  • it also brightens the skin
  • another potential benefit concerns acne scars – it stimulates collagen production, which softens the appearance of scars by plumping up the skin

Dermaplaning vs Facial Razors for Women

Some of the best facial razors for women can also be called dermaplaning tools but they don’t compare to an actual scalpel when it comes to removing dead skin cells.

But if you’re interested just in their performance for removing fine and coarse hairs then they’re absolutely fantastic. And they might even remove a superficial layer of dead skin cells.

How to Use a Facial Razor for Women in 3 Steps

There’s really nothing complicated about the process.

1. Cleanse the skin

First, cleanse the skin. Since this is a method that also exfoliates the skin at the same time, your skin should definitely be completely clean, free of any makeup, dirt and impurities.

Completely pat dry the skin. These types of razors are always used on dry skin. It’s a major aspect that sets them apart from how men shave.

Some women who have really dry skin have mentioned that they apply a facial oil before shaving. Other apply an aloe vera gel. Most shave directly on dry skin.

It’s really a debate on whether you should apply oil on the skin or a vitamin C serum or an aloe vera gel before shaving your face. For some women it works better with oil and for others shaving on dry skin is much better.

I guess you should try it both ways and see which of the two methods you like best.

Now, it’s time to shave.

2. Skin taut, move blade in the direction of hair growth

Pull the skin taut with your free hand.

Move the blade in the direction of hair growth. But for some going against the direction of hair growth might be easier. You can try it both ways but, in general, I advise shaving in the direction of hair growth.

Apply just a bit of pressure, don’t press on the blade. If you’re familiar with shaving your body, you know what I’m talking about.

Use short strokes and clean the blade once every 2-3 strokes. It would be best if you could manage just one stroke per area to prevent any irritation.

3. Rinse and moisturize after

Once you’re done, rinse and immediately moisturize after. Dead skin cells might have been removed together with the unwanted hairs, it’s time to sooth the skin.

Use your favorite serums and moisturizers but avoid applying products with retinol for 24 hours.

You can also use the Tend Skin Care Solution, which is known for calming the skin after shaving together with an aftershave moisturizing lotion.

Using a new blade every time would be fantastic. But if the blade still cuts perfectly, you can clean it with rubbing alcohol to make the process more sanitary.

You can shave the entire face and neck, including shaping your eyebrows.

Shaving Facial Hair for Women Pros & Cons

There are major benefits to using a best facial razor for women:

  • painless
  • fast
  • no risk of irritation or cuts
  • works on peach fuzz and coarse hairs
  • works for most skin types, except for areas that suffer from active breakouts
  • the skin is really smooth, it will feel completely different

As with any hair removal method, there are also cons:

  • hairs grow back quickly – if you want smooth skin for longer and don’t mind the pain, I recommend using cold facial wax strips
  • the blade of a facial razor can get dull quite quickly
  • you should definitely not shave your face on areas where you have breakouts, you can spread the acne bacteria all over the skin, which will lead to more breakouts
  • avoid it if you suffer from sunburns but that’s true for all facial hair removal methods

One last thing

If you have more coarse hairs than peach fuzz, I recommend looking for other hair removal methods for the face.

You can try a hair removal cream for face, like the Avon Fresh and Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream. It’s just as painless as shaving.

Or you can go to a salon for threading if you have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts.

The other very good option is trying cold facial wax strips, Nad’s Facial Wax Strips are some of the cheapest.

But you can also buy a best facial razor for women, start off with the above recommendations, and see how it goes.