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7 Hair Removal Myths: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

There are a few myths regarding hair removal methods and knowing about them or not can make a difference in the method you’re going to use in the future to have fabulous skin.

hair removal myths

1. Laser hair removal/IPL treatments are permanent

Laser hair removal and IPL devices are not at all permanent. I think this is the biggest myth that some people still believe in. It’s a lie to believe that once you complete all the needed sessions that’s the end of it. Those hairs will grow back after a couple of years.

The only permanent method up to now it’s electrolysis because it actually destroys the follicle thanks to those electrical impulses that attack it.

Not the same happens with laser or IPL. These two don’t destroy the follicles, they only damage them with their pulses of light.

You can obtain up to 90% hair growth reduction. To put it more simple, up to 90% of your hairs will be totally gone for about 2 years on average. That’s pretty great.

Plus, if you continue with the sessions, it will be like you’ve never had those hairs because you will be able to maintain that growth reduction as time passes.

However, there are less unfortunate patients who can only get as low as 45% growth reduction. It’s tricky.

2. Shaving/epilation/waxing makes the hairs grow back thicker

epilation myth

We’ve arrived to the second biggest myth, in my opinion.

Neither of the methods that aren’t permanent like shaving, waxing or using an epilator to get rid of unwanted hairs or tweezing or even hair removal creams don’t make the hairs to grow back thicker.

Furthermore, hose methods don’t accelerate the growth rate, either. Hairs will grow back the same, whether they’re removed from the root or cut at the surface of the skin. There won’t be more of them. And they won’t be thicker.

3. Hair removal creams don’t affect sensitive skin

Hair removal creams dissolve the hairs at the surface of the skin thanks to those chemicals that are in their composition. I don’t think I have to say more.

If those chemicals are powerful enough to dissolve hairs, a sensitive skin is a piece of cake.

Related to this myth, don’t leave the cream longer than it says in the instructions. Even if you have coarse hair. If it says leave it on between 6 to 8 minutes, don’t go over those 8 minutes or you might get burns or an irritate skin.

4. Myth: IPL is suited for dark skin tones

Well, it isn’t. The perfect candidates are people with dark hair and fair skin. The pigment in the skin attracts the light emitted by the device, which can result in serious burning.

There are professional advanced laser devices who are suitable for certain darker skin tones, you’ll have to see a specialist about that.

5. You can wax/epilate between laser hair removal/IPL treatments

Probably you know by now that this is a myth. You can only shave between treatments because the light needs to attack the follicle in the growth stage. Removing the hair from the root affects that growth stage.

6. Laser hair removal doesn’t hurt

This one is definitely a myth, a big one.

For some, the sensation resembles to the snapping of a rubber band, while for others the pain is more intense.

7. Here’s how to reduce epilation pain

how to reduce epilation pain

First of all, hold the skin taut. Trust me, it makes a difference.

Secondly, don’t let the hairs grow for too long. The shorter they are the less intense the pain is. Or just trim them if the hairs have grown too long.

Thirdly, an efficiency cap is a tiny helpful accessory.

And last but not least, get a wet & dry epilator that can be used in the shower because the hot water opens the pores.