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5 Best Women’s Razors for Thick Coarse Hair

best women's razors for thick coarse hair

When it comes to shaving, finding the best women’s razor for thick coarse hair is crucial. You shouldn’t shave if you’re not using a good razor because you can cause nicks, cuts, and razor burns.

Your skin will feel the burden of using an inadequate razor and you don’t want that. You want to enjoy your shaving experience.

Especially, since you will repeat the action in a few days, since the hairs grow back so quickly.

Shaving is a widely popular hair removal method and it’s easy understandable why. It’s a fast way of removing unwanted hair, it’s cheap, and it causes no pain if you stay away from cuts.

What do you have to do in order to obtain that?

First thing first, to minimize cuts and to have great skin after shaving you have to get the best razor for women.

Best Women’s Razors for Thick Coarse Hair: 5 Picks

1. The Best: Gillette Venus Swirl

The latest from Gillette for women, the Venus Swirl is an excellent razor with 5 blades that adapts wonderfully the body and its contour but it works with refills, if you want something cheaper, check out the disposable razors below.

2. The Runner Up: Schick Hydro Silk

Schick has wonderful razors for very good price, this one with 5 blades works perfectly and anyone using it ends up impressed but it’s another one that works with refills.

3. Razor For Men: Gillette Fusion Proglide Power

If things haven’t worked out on this side, it’s time to go and see what the other side has to offer and by that I mean turning to razors for men and this one is on of the best in that category.

4. Best Electric Shaver: Panasonic ES2207P

If you don’t want to constantly replace blades or razors, you can check out this electric shaver for women, it’s rechargeable, cheap, lasts a long time, and it offers a close shave, it even has a pop-up trimmer.

5. Best Disposable Razors for Women: Gillette Venus Sensitive

Disposable razors are cheap, they come in a pretty large number to last quite a long time, and they are just as impressive even if they only have 3 blades, they still shave the hairs incredibly close to the skin and very fast.

Top 5 Best Women’s Razors for Thick Coarse Hair

I’m not going to review only one model and call it the best women’s razor for thick coarse hair.

I’m going to recommend you several products because every woman has her own preferences. Those preferences might vary.

Some of the most common variables are price, design, brand or technical aspects – like the number of blades it has and the ability to get you a close shave, without causing burns, bumps or nicks.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to choosing depending on the brand name, the choice is usually quite simple because Gillette is a popular manufacturer.

However, Schick is another great manufacturer and it’s good choice if you want an alternative.

I’m going to review 5 razors for women, out of which 3 are Gillette models, 1 from Schick and 1 from Panasonic, the latter being also the only electric razor for women.

Any of the following 5 shaving products shouldn’t cause your skin bumps, irritation, burns or cuts if you use them correctly.

1. Gillette Venus Swirl: Best Women’s Razor for Thick Coarse Hair

Have you seen a shaving product more feminine than the Gillette Venus Swirl? It’s adorable.

It’s also the latest model, a lot similar to the Venus Embrace, since the Embrace is its predecessor.

In a very short period of time,

The Venus Swirl has become one of the best shaving razors for women, in my opinion.

It has 5 blades, offering an incredibly close shave without causing any burns or bumps.

A little warning: it’s more suitable for normal skin. If you have sensitive dry skin, I would definitely recommend trying the Schick Hydro Silk. (You’ll find it just below)

The package also includes 2 refills, so this is not disposable.

The blades are also accompanied by MicroFine comb plus the unique FlexiBall technology. The comb lifts up the flat hairs so that all are removed from the first pass.

The Swirl is the first model that includes the FlexiBall technology, helping it to adjust to a body’s contour.

The water-activated strip is a Moisture glide serum and, as always, it helps it glide on your skin and remove the hairs in a single pass.

This hair removal product is perfect for any woman who wants silky smooth skin offered by an incredibly close shave, even around the knees and other hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Where to Buy?

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2. Panasonic ES2207P Wet/Dry: Best Electric Razor for Women

Panasonic ES2207P is one of the best electric razors for women for coarse, thick hair and the only one worth mentioning when shopping for electric ones that have been made exclusively for women.

It’s a fantastic little device.

So affordable.

And the most important thing is that it’s capable of close shaves, really close shaves that leave your skin feeling smooth and wonderful to the touch.

The 3 blades are hypoallergenic, made of stainless steel. There’s also a pop-up trimmer for longer hairs.

There is no strip because it’s electric.

But there is a thing called a Floating Head Shaving System. This electric razor will adjust to the shape of your body so it works great on all areas – legs, underarms, face, and bikini line.

When it comes to all the other 4 models, I suggest wet-shaving.

It means that you should take a shower before and keep the skin wet while shaving. Panasonic ES2207P is wet & dry, just like some epilators are.

You can either use it on dry skin or on wet skin.

All in all,

This is a pretty great hair removal product if you are into shaving and you don’t care for disposable razors or for those who require periodical refills.

This one just needs to be charged. It doesn’t work on batteries.

Once the battery won’t hold a charge, you will need to get a new one but it’s still going to be with you for a pretty long time.

Where to Buy?

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3. Gillette Fusion Proglide Power

This is actually a product that was designed and manufactured for men but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be as fantastic for a woman’s body, too.

As a matter of fact,

Back in the days when I used to shave most of my body, the product I used was one created for men. Also from Gillette. It was the Mach3, which I must say that even after so many years since it’s been released, it’s still popular and people still buy it. That’s how good these things are.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power is even better.

It has 5 blades and that’s not all.

It also has a precision trimmer for getting longer hairs.

One of the reasons that shaving is so popular is because it’s not time consuming. It doesn’t take very long to have smooth skin, whether it’s the legs, the underarms or the bikini area.

With the Fusion Proglide Power it’s even much faster than before. Those 5 blades are just the right number.

What more can be said about the blades?

Well, nothing more, other than the fact that these are low cutting blades. Why does it matter?

Because you’re going to experience an incredibly close shave.

The blades also adjust to the contour of a man’s face. In this case, they may as well adjust to a woman’s body and curves.

The strip or the enhanced lubrastrip, as Gillette likes to call it, makes the Fusion Proglide glide easily and smoothly on your skin. Thus, the name.

Even so, you still need to wetshave.

If you don’t like Gillette’s Fusion Proglide Power manly design, check out some of the other best women’s razors for thick coarse hair. I’m sure you’ll find something you like in no time.

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4. Schick Hydro Silk

If you’re tired of all those Gillette products and you don’t want an electric razor then there is this, Schick Hydro Silk. It’s capable of competing with all these other best women’s razors for thick coarse hair from my list.

Mainly because it offers a close shave without any cuts, bumps or burns.

It has 5 curve-sensing blades for a perfect silky shave. There are 5 blades that can get all the hairs cut at the surface of the skin with a single pass.

And they are capable of getting the hairs removed very close to the skin surface so be ready to have a smooth body.

It comes with 2 refills so this isn’t a disposable razor.

It’s perfect for all areas of the body, including bikini line hair removal thanks to its smaller oval shape.

There’s also the water-activated moisturizer serum, which makes it perfect for dry skin and normal skin, at the same time. The serum contains marine extracts and shea butter.

This might be great but I still suggest that you use your personal moisturizer after each shave.

Where to Buy?

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5. Gillette Venus Sensitive: One of the Cheapest Best Disposable Razors

I’m sure there are cheaper disposable razors out there but, in my opinion, they don’t shave the hairs quite like the Gillette Venus Sensitive.

There are 6 disposable razors included in the package.

What recommends it as one of the best women’s razors for thick coarse hair?

Even though this one has only 3 blades (the other three have each 5 blades) it still removes hairs pretty fast and cuts them close to the skin.

That’s pretty much all that you can ask for.

There’s also a pivoting head for easy handling around the knees, on the underarms and the intimate area.

If you have sensitive skin, you can get the Venus Sensitive, which has extra lubricant in the form of the SkinElixir lubrastrip.

These amazing disposable razors are perfect for any skin type and have a really affordable price tag.

The Gillette Venus Sensitive are some of the best women’s razors for thick coarse hair if you don’t want to deal with refills. You just want something cheap that can be immediately thrown away when the blade becomes dull.

I really like this package of 6 because you don’t have to worry about repurchasing for quite a while, it should last for at least half a year.

Where to Buy?

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How to Shave Legs

Now that you have your best women’s razor for thick coarse hair, part of the answer to how to shave your legs is already solved.

Shaving the legs is the easiest part of the body. But it’s also the most tiring part because there’s so much skin to cover. You need a bit of patience before anything else.

Here’s how you shave your legs using the best women’s razor for thick coarse hair:

  • step into the shower and run hot water to soften the hairs and the skin
  • take a seat so that the leg is bent so you can easily access the back of your leg
  • apply a good layer of shaving gel/cream, you definitely need shaving cream for an easy glide, it speeds thing up
  • make sure to rinse the blade of hairs after each stroke
  • glide the blade in the opposite direction in which the hairs are growing
  • if you shave with the grain then the hairs won’t be cut as close to the skin as it’s desired
  • keep your knee straight and glide easily, the pivoting head comes in handy in this area
  • above the legs, the hairs grow in more directions that on the lower legs: above the knees start gliding the blade up, on the sides move it sideways, from the back of the thigh to the front, and on the back move it both up and down
  • rinse
  • dry the skin gently
  • moisturize using your preferred body lotion or oil

If you have ingrown hairs you should definitely exfoliate.

How to Shave Underarms

It all starts with choosing the best women’s razor for thick coarse hair. This is fundamental.

The skin is very sensitive in this area so it can get irritated if you’re not using the right razor.

Also, the hollow shape clearly indicates that you need a model with pivoting head.

A good razor for the underarms is a good razor for the bikini area. These two areas have a lot in common.

The easiest way to shave your underarms hair is in the shower.

  • let the water soften the hairs a bit
  • apply a layer of shaving cream
  • shave
  • and quickly rinse

That’s the where. Now, for the how:

  • you need to lift the arm above your head
  • stretch it as much as you can so the skin is taut
  • once the skin is taut there are few risks of nicks and cuts and all the hairs will be cut at the surface of the skin
  • apply shaving cream, I definitely insist on using shaving cream for a really close shave, fewer nicks risk due to the smooth glide of the blade, and because it speeds up the process
  • the hairs grow in all kinds of directions
  • that’s why you should glide the blade up, down, and sideways
  • rinse the shaving cream
  • moisturize after each shaving

Also, don’t forget to change the blade often whether we’re talking about how to shave your armpits or legs or bikini area.

A dull blade leads to nicks and cuts because you have to press the blade against the skin in order to cut the hairs.

You also need more strokes, which irritates the skin.

If you shave in the mornings and you know that your going to sweat during the day, which happens a lot in the summer, you need to moisturize the area really well so that it doesn’t get irritated.

Use your deodorant generously, too. I recommend using an aluminum free one.

How to Shave Facial Hair: Is it Taboo for Women?

This might seem like a taboo topic but I don’t see it that way.

You just need the right information on which razor to use to remove your facial hair. In the end, it’s just a solution to a problem: unwanted hair.

It shouldn’t be weird at all for a woman to say that she shaves her face.

I wouldn’t advise you to use any of the above 4 models on your face, even though I regard each one as a best razor for women.

There’s only one exception: you can actually use the Panasonic ES2207P to remove facial hair, as well.

Besides that one, there’s actually a model that was created especially for removing unwanted hairs from the face, whether you have coarse hairs or just the usual peach fuzz that every woman has.

I’m talking about the Tinkle.

It’s the best razor for women for the face. If I’ve made you interested in this special razor, read my review here.

On short:

The Tinkle is really cheap, is used only dry, you don’t need to use any shaving cream or balm, the blade is especially designed to prevent you from cutting yourself, it’s really easy to use and fast, and completely painless.

It works for any type of hairs and all you need to remember is to moisturize after each shaving because it also acts as an exfoliant.

Personally, I have never shaved my facial hair.

For many years I used to wax using cold facial wax strips and for more than a year I’ve been using an epilator thanks to the facial cap that comes with it.

I have nothing against shaving, whether we’re talking about body or facial hair.

It’s just that I can handle the pain pretty well and I prefer the longer results that those two methods offer as compared to shaving that only leaves your skin smooth for about 3 days.

How to Prevent Razor Bumps

Shopping for the best women’s razors for thick coarse hair is definitely one way to prevent razor bumps and burns but there are some other things that you should be aware of, as well.

Razor bumps and razor burns are the annoying side-effects that often appear a few hours after you’ve shaved.

It’s the itchiness and the irritated skin that ruin the whole experience of having incredibly smooth skin free of unwanted hairs.

1. Exfoliate and Use Warm Water Before and During Shaving

Exfoliation is a major part of the whole hair removal process for methods like shaving, waxing, and epilation.

It’s not only good for preventing ingrown hairs but it turns out that it could prevent razor bumps, too.

Warm water does wonders, too.

It softens the hairs and the blade glides effortlessly on the skin.

That’s why, for women, it’s best to shave in the shower.

Stay under the warm water for about 3 minutes and only after that start shaving, while the water keeps running.

Let the warm water and the steam work their magic in opening the pores and preventing them from getting clogged.

2. Don’t Use a Dull Blade

Picking out the best razors for women is crucial.

You want it to be good enough so that it offers a close shave, while gliding smoothly on the skin.

If it’s good and the blade is not dull, then you won’t feel the need to push it too hard against the skin.

You’ve guessed it,

That also contributes to the learning curve on how to prevent razor bumps.

If you’re using disposable razors then you can afford to change it more often. Don’t hold on to it for too long.

If you are using a safety razor, then change the blade more often. Don’t forget about it.

If you’re using a razor that works with refills, then you should change the refill more often. I know that refills are a little bit expensive but it’s totally worth it.

3. Shave With the Grain

On your legs, you can shave against the grain, meaning against the direction in which the hairs are growing.

Usually, the skin on the legs is not that sensitive as it is on the face, underarms or bikini line.

I’ve done it for years and it was perfectly fine. No irritation appeared, not one time.

However, if you want to prevent razor burns from appearing on those sensitive areas of the body, it’s best to shave with the grain. It makes all the difference.

After shaving, make sure to always moisturize. You can use an aloe vera gel on the more sensitive areas and then apply your usual moisturizer.

For the bikini area, I recommend moisturizing daily to soften the skin and the hairs a bit so that they don’t irritate the skin when growing back again.

The itchiness should become a problem of the past.

And with that, we’re all done with this post on the best women’s razor for thick coarse hair, what I love is that there plenty of very different options when it comes to razors for women and I tried to represent all those different categories.