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What Is a Brazilian Wax? Everything You Need To Know

What exactly is a Brazilian wax? That’s the exact question that I asked myself what seems like a lifetime ago.

I was in high school and not too long after that I ended up at a beauty salon for my first waxing session that included so much of my bodily hair. I had only shaved until then.

With that opportunity, I found out the wax was going to remove from the follicle all the hairs that I had previously only cut at the surface of the skin with a blade.

Except a small strip in the front, also know as a landing strip.

I shaved and, subsequently waxed, almost all my hairs except a very small strip of hair in the front, I don’t know why I left that when I had no problem removing the rest of it.

One of those weird things in life maybe?

I was already giving myself a Brazilian periodically only that the wax was missing. I think I can call it a Brazilian shaving.

So, let’s see exactly what I had to go through for my first time.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

DIY brazilian waxing

All the hairs are removed from the intimate area, including the behind area (the butt crack).

It’s also known as a full Brazilian.

The hairs are removed from their follicle so you only have to wax once every 3-4 weeks.

That’s one of main benefits and why so many women and even some men prefer waxing.

Even when I started shaving, it felt weird for me to completely remove the hairs from the front and leave my behind all hairy because I am a hairy person and the difference between having the front smooth and the behind hairy was not sitting well with me.

There are so many options when it comes to removing hairs from the intimate area.

I can’t even remember them all so, let’s freshen up my memory:

  • bikini line – just the sides and across the top so that no hairs will stick out if you’re wearing a bikini
  • bikini full – the whole front area but you can also leave a strip or any other shape that you want in the front, like I used to do
  • Brazilian – exactly what I was talking above but I’m not done with our journey with what is a Brazilian wax, there are still a few things to discuss so stick around
  • Brazilian plus – the front, the behind, and the stomach trail, which is probably where I’m heading because, now that I’ve reached 30, it seems that my hairs are getting darker and darker in my happy trail, just like my peach fuzz is getting slightly darker in some areas

How Do You Wax Down There?

brazilian waxing at home

The simple answer? You go to a professional and sit back and try to breath without clenching your teeth too much.

If you want to do it at home it’s a lot more complicated. I wrote a complete guide on Brazilian waxing at home, if you’re interested.

Basically, these are the main things that you need to know:

  • get a good hard wax kit, one with a warmer might be best because it’s going to take a while so the warmer will keep the wax melted but a microwavable hard wax is just as good and more affordable
  • the hairs should be about 1/4 inches long
  • use talcum powder to absorb the moisture so that the wax sticks only to the hairs and not the skin, that would be messy and more painful
  • test the wax on your hand to makes sure it’s not too hot
  • apply it in small strips in the direction in which the hair is growing, if you’re using hard wax it should be applied in a thick layer
  • hard wax doesn’t need muslin strips, you just let it harden and pull it with the fingers
  • test to see if it’s hard, if it sticks to the skin it’s not time to pull yet
  • pull it quickly, don’t hesitate at all, in the opposite direction of hair growth
  • press on the area with your fingers to dull the pain and repeat the process
  • a mirror is very handy because most of the area can’t be seen, it also helps if you’re flexible
  • clean the residues with oil, baby oil is usually used
  • moisturize after, an aloe vera gel and a body cream are a very good combination
  • wear loose-fitting clothes for the next 24 hours to prevent irritation
  • it’s best not to wax too close to your period (at least 3 days prior) because the skin is more sensitive

Also, watch some YouTube videos on waxing.

How Bad Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt?

I think this question should be rhetorical but I’m still going to answer it because you should have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

It’s all about giving a complete answer to what is a Brazilian wax.

Frankly, I don’t have words to describe how painful it was for me.

Many women can’t handle the pain, it’s torture. So, they go back to shaving or trimming.

Others say that it’s not that painful.

It really is a different experience for everyone.

The important thing to remember is that as long as you’re comfortable in your own body and you can accept the way it looks then you can choose whatever you want.

You can wax, shave, epilate, trim.

Or do nothing at all. Just leave it all natural. There’s no universal path, it’s different from person to person.

I think that if you can handle having your underarms hair removed then you can handle a Brazilian waxing, just know that it’s going to take double the time until everything is removed.

If you’re a beginner, it can take from half an hour to an hour.

I strongly recommend going to a professional, at least once and even more than once if you can afford it.

The average price is $50.

Can Your Hair Be Too Long for a Brazilian?

The hair should be around 1/4 inches long (the size of a grain or rice).

From the last time you’ve shaved, wait for at least 10 days.

Some say that you should wait 2 weeks but that seems too long if your hair grows back fast.

Should I Trim My Pubic Hair Before a Brazilian Wax?

trimming pubic hair

If your hair is too long the pain will be so much worse.

Definitely trim it or shave and let it grow.

Using a trimmer is easier.

Can I Use Wax Strips for a Brazilian?

opening wax strip

If we are talking about cold wax strips, the answer is no.

Generally, the hairs in this area are pretty coarse, especially for those who haven’t had their hair removed from the follicle before.

A person who has waxed for years can use cold wax strips but it’s still going to take a long time until all the unwanted hairs are gone.

Those cold strips are big so they need to be cut for narrow places.

Cold wax strips are better for touch ups on the legs and the bikini line.

They’re definitely not for a full Brazilian waxing.

It would take forever and it would be more painful that using hard wax.

What Type of Wax is Best for Brazilian?

hard wax type

The best type is hard wax.

It just sticks to the hairs and not to the skin, which means that it hurts a bit less.

It’s also less irritating.

You just need to apply it in small strips if you decide to discover what is a Brazilian wax all by yourself at home.

However, I think that your first experience should be at a beauty salon.

You will be able to learn exactly how it’s done and, since this is a painful experience, it’s best to be completely focused on feeling as comfortable as you can.

Speaking of that,

Sugaring is also a great option. It has a lot in common with waxing but it’s slightly less painful and the sugar paste can be done at home so it costs practically nothing.

Nevertheless, it’s a bit difficult to master in the beginning.

Experiment on your legs first until you understand exactly how sugaring works.

Now that you have the answers to the question what is a Brazilian wax, what do you think, are you eager to try it or are you maybe considering getting the best epilator for Brazilian since it also removes hairs from their roots but it’s cheaper and less messy?