Tips for Shaving Your Bikini Area

Shaving the bikini area can be a bit difficult for some but I’m sure if you follow the tips in my post, the results will be amazing.

Shaving is one of the most popular hair removal methods due to the no-pain at all factor and the easiness with which it can be performed, rapidly at home whenever you need to show or feel smooth skin.


The intimate area can be a bit tricky.

And that’s not only true when it comes to shaving.

It’s true whether you wax or epilate.

I leave hair removal creams out of the enumeration because I believe that hair removal creams should only be used on the bikini line.

You should avoid using hair removal creams on the entire intimate area because the chemicals that dissolve the hairs at the surface of the skin might irritate or damage that really sensitive area.

That being said,

No such precautions are necessary if you’re using a razor. You can shave all the hairs down there.

Shaving the Bikini Area: Things to Consider

Besides the obvious inconvenience – the hairs start growing back in a couple of days – there are a few more to mind when it comes to shaving the bikini area:

    • razor burn
    • skin irritation
    • inflamed skin
    • itchiness the second day or in the following days
    • and ingrown hairs but these are not that common

Tips for Shaving Your Bikini Area

Let’s see what you can do to avoid all those unpleasant after effects, including touching points on some of the best razors for the bikini area.

1. Change your Razor Often

razor for shaving the bikini area

Or in the case of those working with refills, change the blade often.

A sharp blade cuts the hairs from the first pass.

A single pass, two tops, should be all you need unless you let the hairs grow for a longer period of time, like for a month or more.

At that point, it’s best to use a trimmer before shaving.

If you use a dull blade the skin gets irritated easily.


The itchiness can become a very annoying problem because of a dull blade.


A blade should be good for at least 5 shaving sessions even if you use it on the entire body.

A sharp blade enables your hand to move with steady strokes, there’s no need to press on the skin with the razor blades.

It prevents nicks, too.

Moving a sharp blade or razor with steady strokes should leave no cuts behind.

2. Soften the Hairs

Just like men soften the hairs before shaving their facial hair, so should women when shaving the bikini area.

For many people, the hairs growing in the intimate area are coarse.

Soaking in hot water or standing in the shower for a few minutes before shaving softens the hairs.


The razor will glide smoothly on the skin and cut the hairs without any uncomfortable feeling at all.

It particularly helps if you prefer shaving against the grain, against the direction in which the hairs are growing.

When shaving against the grain, the hairs are cut really close to the skin, the shaved skin is so smooth and it feels amazing.


The risk of cuts, razor bumps, and irritation also increases.

You can try both methods and see which one suits you best.

3. Exfoliate Before Shaving the Bikini Area

While you’re standing under hot water, you can do one very important thing to pass the time.

You can use a body scrub to exfoliate the skin.

It will help prevent ingrown hairs and lessen the chance of skin irritation.

4. Use a good Shaving Gel

shaving gel for intimate area

I strongly recommend using a shaving gel.

The razor glides on the skin, cutting the hairs so easily, it’s actually a pleasure to shave.

It makes things a lot faster, too.

After each pass on the skin, place the blades under running water to avoid clogging.

As soon as you’re done, wash off.

You can use cold water to calm the area if you can stand it.

Or rinse with lukewarm water.

Apply a cold towel after if you are prone to irritation.

5. Keep your Razor Clean

keep a clean razor

Cleanliness is always important, especially when it comes to razors and epilators.

Clean the razor with hot water immediately and pour rubbing alcohol after.

Then let it dry.

6. Moisturize Immediately After Shaving your Bikini Area

moisturize after shaving

From my own personal experience a very long time ago, I know that moisturizing after shaving helps.

For me, heavy moisturizing using a very nourishing cream was what did the trick.


I moisturize daily because I have really dry skin.

If I let a day pass without applying cream all over my body, my skin starts peeling, it looks like I have dandruff all over my body.

It’s frustrating but my daily routine of applying a moisturizer all over my body including my intimate area prevented me from ever having my skin irritated or sporting any bumps.

It also prevented me from feeling any itchiness the next day after shaving or in the coming days when the hairs start growing back.

Shaving the bikini area can have wonderful results if you follow a few simple tips.

As it’s always the case,

The hair removal products that you use vastly influence the outcome.

We’ve already established what you need to do, the exact steps when it comes to shaving the bikini area.


It’s time to talk about some of the best razors for the intimate area.

You can use the same razor on the whole body, my picks are very good at removing hairs from the entire body, except face.

If you want to shave your face, you need a special razor, like the Tinkle razor.

3 of the Best Razors for the Bikini Area

The razors are amazing, all 3 of them have 5 blades that cut the hairs really close to the skin.

There are other features that differentiate them.

Read the reviews and you’ll discover what those are.

That ensures that everyone can find what they’re searching for, no matter their needs.

1. Gillette Venus Extra Smooth

The Gillette Venus Extra Smooth is the perfect razor, especially for those with sensitive skin.

It has 5 blades that cut hairs perfectly from the first pass.

There’s also a water-activated ribbon of moisture.

The package also includes 2 refills.

Even if the Gillette Venus Extra Smooth is one of the best razors for the bikini area, you still need to follow all of the above tips for a perfect shave and to make sure that your skin remains irritation-free for the coming days.

2. Schick Hydro Silk Razor + Bikini Trimmer

It might seem weird to find a trimmer on the list of my best razors for the bikini area.


It’s actually the perfect combination for a lot of people and that’s why I decided to include it on the list.

Some prefer only to shave the bikini line and trim the rest. They don’t want all the hairs gone completely.

The Schick Hydro Silk Razor + Bikini Trimmer is not only of the best razors for the intimate area but it’s also an excellent bikini trimmer.

Winning combination at an amazing price!

Taken separately they are great, taken together they’re amazing and the price tag is the cherry on top.

The razor works with refills, while the trimmer will need to be replaced by a new one when it stops working or it’s not functioning properly anymore.

The Schick Hydro Silk razor:

  • has 5 really sharp blades that cut the hairs closely to the skin
  • has a water-activated Hydra-Boost serum with shea butter moisturizing strip
  • and is good for all skin types

The Schick Hydro Silk bikini trimmer:

  • has 4 adjustable lengths, 3 obtained by adjusting the guard and one by taking the guard off completely
  • once the guard is off you can get to the skin as closely as it’s possible
  • there’s no pinching risk if you use the bikini trimmer carefully
  • it needs 1 AAA battery
  • there’s no on-off button so you need to press the button during the whole time you’re trimming, which can be a bit tiring

Remember to only use the trimmer on dry hairs.

3. Gillette Venus Snap On-the-Go Razor

This is the perfect razor for those who travel a lot.

Or for taking on vacation. You can carry it in your purse.

And you can add it to your carry-on when flying, it won’t be taken away.

It’s small, adorable, and easy to use even though the handle is so small. You get used to it quickly.

Even so,

I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t know that it’s a really good razor, especially for shaving the bikini area.

It has 5 blades that cut the hairs really close to the skin.

The sharp blade and the shape work great on the intimate area with all its curves and difficult spots to reach.

There’s also a ribbon of moisture and the razor glides easily thanks to it.

I recommend it for all skin types.

All the Venus refills match this one, however you should use the Venus Embrace ones because those fit in the case.

All in all,

That was a bit of a long talk on shaving the bikini area but let me know if there are other tricks that you know of.

Before I forget,

If you’re afraid of using a blade then you can opt for an electric razor, like the Panasonic ES2207P. It’s excellent for shaving the bikini area and the rest of the body, too.