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How to Shave Bikini Area Without Getting Razor Bumps: Top 7 Tips

Shaving your bikini area should be simple, without any complications, every hair down there gone in a couple of minutes but if that’s how it’s supposed to go then why are we here talking about how to shave bikini area without getting razor bumps?

Well, that’s simple:

Because razor bumps, especially on the bikini line, are a very frequent occurrence. It happens to men who shave their pubic hair, too. Razor bumps in the bikini area are not monopolized by women. They’re a serious annoyance for both sexes.

Top 3 Razors for Bikini Area

1. Best Disposable: Gillette Venus Sensitive

There are only 3 blades for these disposable razors but they are some of the best razors for the bikini area because they’re very sharp, they cut coarse hairs without a problem, and the hairs don’t get stuck between the blades if you rinse them frequently. The price is also one of the best so, you can’t change them often. It’s best to go for more affordable options that can be changed often in order to prevent nicks and cuts from dull blades.

2. For Travelling: Gillette Venus Snap On-the-Go Razor

The name Snap On-the-Go Razor definitely tells us that this is the perfect razor to take with you when you’re travelling. You can add it to your carry-on when flying. The razor is absolutely great and it adapts to the contours of the body, as it should when it comes to the bikini area. The 5 blades are one of the sharpest and quickest and you will get a smooth shave. Use the Venus Embrace refills for this one because those are the ones that fit in the case.

3. Razor + Trimmer Combo: Schick Hydro Silk Razor + Bikini Trimmer

If you just want to shave your bikini line and trim the rest or maybe just stick to trimming the intimate area during the cold months, this is the perfect combination – a razor with 5 blades at one end and an electric trimmer at the other. It’s one of the best trimmers for the bikini area and one of the best razors all in one affordable product.

razor for shaving the bikini area

Besides the obvious inconvenience – the hairs start growing back in a couple of days – there are a few more to mind when it comes to shaving the bikini area:

  • razor burns
  • skin irritation
  • inflamed skin
  • itchiness the second day or in the following days
  • and ingrown hairs (razor bumps)

If you follow the tips included in this post, you’re pretty much going to eliminate all these problems that happen when removing hairs from the bikini area, whether you shave, wax or epilate.

These tips on how to prevent razor bumps, burns, irritation and itchiness apply if you shave your butt, as well. The area between the cheeks can get easily irritated and become itchy in the following days when the hairs start growing back, similar to the bikini line.

What Are Razor Bumps?

Before actually talking about how to shave bikini area without getting razor bumps, we need to understand what razor bumps are.

Once you know why razor bumps happen, it will be much easier to understand how to prevent razor bumps.

They can also occur if you wax or epilate, the inconvenience of razor bumps doesn’t belong exclusively to shaving. Some of these tips for preventing razor bumps apply whether you shave, wax, or epilate.

Razor bumps on the bikini area are none other than ingrown hairs. But they’re different than the ingrown hairs you get on legs.

Ingrown hairs are hairs that can’t break the skin when they start growing back. They still have to grow somewhere and, since they’re trapped under the skin, that’s where they will regrow.

They happen so frequently in the bikini area because pubic hair is coarse, it’s thick and prickly, it feels almost like a stubble beard in the days after you’ve shaved the bikini area, once it starts growing back.

If you don’t learn how to shave bikini area without getting razor bumps, you will probably get them every time, after each shaving.

Why Do Razor Bumps Happen?


Razor bumps on the bikini area most often than not end up looking like pimples.

They can be large or small, look like a white puss-filled bump or they can be red. There are different razor bumps but their cause is common: hairs that curl and grow under the skin.


The area can get really itchy once the hairs start growing back. If you give into the temptation and start scratching, things turn painful and you can easily bruise such delicate skin.

You would think that shaving your bikini area should be completely simple but it turns out that it’s not so straightforward.

In fact,

Things can be simple as long as you follow just a few shaving your bikini area tips. Soon, you’ll develop a routine that will prevent razor bumps, burns, itchiness, and irritation.


The skin in this area is thin and really sensitive. It gets irritated quite quickly. I want to emphasize the irritation aspect because it’s extremely important to sooth the skin immediately after shaving.

Soothing the skin immediately after the hairs plays a very big part in the whole how to shave bikini area without getting razor bumps guide.

How to Shave Bikini Area Without Getting Razor Bumps

There is quite a wide range of tips on how to shave bikini area without getting razor bumps that you must pay close attention to.

I will sum them up so that you know exactly what to expect and then we’ll be talking about them more in-depth:

  1. choose a good razor for bikini area
  2. always use a sharp razor (change the blade/disposable razor often)
  3. shave after taking a shower, let the skin and hairs become soft from the hot water
  4. never skip using a shaving gel
  5. shave with the grain (in the direction of hair growth) if you have really sensitive skin but shave against the grain if you want a close shave, if you want the most luxurious smooth skin
  6. apply a chemical exfoliator once you’re dry
  7. moisturize the skin immediately after
  8. if you moisturize after each shower, there’s a very low risk of itchiness and I can’t think of a better way to really prevent razor bumps whether you shave/wax/epilate

Soften the Hairs

Just like men soften the hairs before shaving their facial hair, so should women when shaving the bikini area. Or any other area of the body.

For most people, both men and women, the hairs growing in the intimate area are coarse.

Soaking in hot water or standing in the shower for a few minutes before shaving softens the hairs.


The razor will glide smoothly on the skin and cut the hairs without any uncomfortable feeling at all.

It particularly helps if you prefer shaving against the grain, against the direction in which the hairs are growing.

When shaving against the grain, the hairs are cut really close to the skin, the shaved skin is so smooth and it feels amazing.


The risk of cuts, razor bumps, and irritation also increases.

You can try both methods and see which one suits you best. I always used to shave against the grain because I loved that smooth feeling after all the hairs are shaved. That first day after shaving is the best.

Use a Shaving Gel

shaving gel for intimate area

I strongly recommend using a shaving gel.

The razor glides on the skin, cutting the hairs so easily, it’s actually a pleasure to shave.

It makes things a lot faster, too.

After each pass on the skin, place the blades under running water to avoid clogging.

As soon as you’re done, wash off.

You can use cold water to calm the area if you can stand it. Or rinse with lukewarm water.

The good news is that shaving gels are really cheap, there’s really no reason not to use one. You can also use the one that the men in the house use, if there are any around.

When I was shaving, I was still living at home so, I used to use my father’s shaving gel.

If you want a really good one just for you, I recommend the Gillette Satin Care Ultra Sensitive Shave.

You actually get two cans, 7 oz each. They will last a very long time. And they’re extremely cheap.

The Gillette Satin Care Ultra Sensitive Shave is created for those with sensitive skin so, it will work really well to prevent razor bumps.

It’s dye and fragrance free and it will leave the skin feeling very smooth.

Change the Razor Often: Always Use a Sharp Blade

Or in the case of those working with refills, change the blade often.

This is another extremely important tip on how to shave bikini area without getting razor bumps. Well, it’s pretty obvious that it is. It wouldn’t be included in this article otherwise but I still felt the need to emphasize its importance.

A sharp blade cuts the hairs from the first pass. A single pass, two tops, should be all you need unless you let the hairs grow for a longer period of time, like for a month or more.

At that point, it’s best to use a trimmer before shaving.

If you use a dull blade the skin gets irritated easily. Itchiness can become a very annoying problem because of a dull blade.


A blade should be good for about 5 shaving sessions, even if you use it on the entire body.

A sharp blade enables your hand to move with steady strokes, it will glide on the skin if you also use a shaving gel, there’s no need to press on the skin.

It prevents nicks, too. Moving a sharp blade or razor with steady strokes should leave no cuts behind.


I can’t be talking about how to shave bikini area without getting razor bumps without talking about exfoliation.

It’s such an important step, whether we’re talking about ingrown hairs on the body and face (in men’s case) or clogged pores.

The bikini area is really sensitive. Because of that, I recommend using a chemical exfoliator, like the Tend Skin Solution.

Chemical exfoliators are much better for the face and for sensitive areas, much more preferable to physical exfoliators (scrubs, brushes, exfoliating gloves).

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells.

It automatically means that the hairs will have a much better chance to break through the surface of the skin, instead of turning into ingrown hairs.

Why do I recommend the Tend Skin Solution?

Because it’s a chemical exfoliator that’s very good at preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

It has the potential to change your life for the better, no more razor bumps, itchiness, irritation. Men apply it on their face to prevent razor bumps.

It removes dead skin cells but it also soothes the skin.

Apply it immediately after shaving, leave it on for 5-10 seconds, and then moisturizer.

It can be used on the whole body and face and it can be used daily.

No more ingrown hairs and no more razor bumps.

Moisturize Daily

Those who have really dry sensitive skin, know fully well how beneficial it is to moisturize daily.

I hydrate my whole body after each shower. I didn’t start to prevent razor bumps but because my skin gets really dry after being in contact with hot water, my chest and back get itchy and red if my skin is not properly continuously hydrated.

Back in my shaving days, once I started moisturizing my whole intimate area and but, the razor bumps and itchiness were no longer a problem.

Once I moved to using an epilator, I persisted with daily hydrating my whole intimate area and my whole butt, including the anus, and I haven’t had any problems.

Moisturizing your whole body takes a few minutes and it costs money and it’s a bit tedious but it’s also the absolute thing that you should do when it comes to how to shave your bikini area without getting razor bumps.

Moisturizing the bikini area in conjunction with using a chemical exfoliator are two essential shaving tips that you mustn’t forget about.

If your skin is always properly hydrated, not only just immediately after shaving, it also won’t get irritated after having sex. Even if you’re having sex the same day that you’ve shaved your pubic hair.

A nourishing body lotion can do a lot and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Keep your Razor Clean

keep a clean razor

Cleanliness is always important, especially when it comes to razors and epilators.

Clean the razor with hot water immediately and pour rubbing alcohol after.

Then let it dry.

If you want to extend your shaving adventures to the face, you need a special razor, like the Tinkle razor.


If you’re afraid of using a blade then you can opt for an electric razor, like the Panasonic ES2207P. It’s excellent for shaving the bikini area and the rest of the body, too.

How to Pick the Best Razor for the Bikini Area

It all starts with the instrument that actually does the hair removal.

If you’re not using a good razor for women then things will get more difficult.

The best razor for the bikini area is a razor that can be used to remove hairs from the entire body. You don’t need a separate razor.

Just keep the razor clean.

Wash it with hot water, remove the stuck hairs, and pour rubbing alcohol over the blades. Let it dry and that’s it, it’s all ready for your next shaving session.

I’ll recommend just three razors, they are very good and will make shaving your bikini area an easy and fast process without the risk of cuts, unless you’re not careful. A cut or two is to be expected from time to time, especially in places where you can’t see, like the butt.

You won’t feel a thing the next day. If you shave with a good razor, the cut will be really superficial and it will sting for just a few minutes.

These three best razors for the bikini area represent two different categories: razors with cartridges (more expensive) and disposable razors (much more affordable).

1. Gillette Venus Sensitive: 6 Disposable Razors for the Bikini Area

Let’s start with the most affordable option. These are disposable razors.

The major difference between disposable razors and those that work with refills, between the price difference?

The disposable ones have 3 blades, while those with cartridges have 5 blades.

The 3 blades are still very good because they’re sharp and nicely spaced.

They will cut the hairs quickly, no cuts if you’re careful, without no resistance if you use a shaving gel, and very close to the skin if you shave against the grain.

These 6 phenomenal razors will last quite a long time and the price is one of the best. Winning combination.

2. Gillette Venus Snap On-the-Go Razor

This is the perfect razor for those who travel a lot. Or for taking on vacation. You can carry it in your purse.

And you can add it to your carry-on when flying, it won’t be taken away.

It’s small, adorable, and easy to use even though the handle is so small. You get used to it quickly.

Even so,

I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t know that it’s a really good razor, especially for shaving the bikini area.

It has 5 blades that cut the hairs really close to the skin.

The sharp blade and the shape work great on the intimate area with all its curves and difficult spots to reach.

There’s also a ribbon of moisture and the razor glides easily thanks to it.

I recommend it for all skin types.

All the Venus refills match this one, however you should use the Venus Embrace ones because those fit in the case.

3. Schick Hydro Silk Razor + Bikini Trimmer

It might seem weird to find a trimmer on the list of my best razors for the bikini area.


It’s actually the perfect combination for a lot of people and that’s why I decided to include it on the list.

Some prefer only to shave the bikini line and trim the rest. They don’t want all the hairs gone completely.

The Schick Hydro Silk Razor + Bikini Trimmer is not only of the best razors for the intimate area but it’s also an excellent bikini trimmer.

Winning combination at an amazing price!

Taken separately they are great, taken together they’re amazing and the price tag is the cherry on top.

The razor works with refills, while the trimmer will need to be replaced by a new one when it stops working or it’s not functioning properly anymore.

The Schick Hydro Silk razor:

  • has 5 really sharp blades that cut the hairs closely to the skin
  • has a water-activated Hydra-Boost serum with shea butter moisturizing strip
  • and is good for all skin types

The Schick Hydro Silk bikini trimmer:

  • has 4 adjustable lengths, 3 obtained by adjusting the guard and one by taking the guard off completely
  • once the guard is off you can get to the skin as closely as it’s possible
  • there’s no pinching risk if you use the bikini trimmer carefully
  • it needs 1 AAA battery
  • there’s no on-off button so you need to press the button during the whole time you’re trimming, which can be a bit tiring

Remember to only use the trimmer on dry hairs.

And, with that, we’ve reached the end of this pretty long post.

This is all the knowledge I posses on how to shave bikini area without getting razor bumps, the most important shaving tips for the bikini area, and I truly hope that they are helpful and make your life a bit more comfortable.