Epilator Vs Shaving: Which is Right for You?

There are so many things to talk about when it comes to the epilator vs shaving debate.


There are some crucial aspects that will convince you that either shaving or epilators are the right hair removal method for you.


You might end up choosing waxing instead.

Or even sugaring.

I am extremely familiar with both shaving and epilation even though for the past 10 years I’ve only used an epilator to remove unwanted hairs.

Even so,

Shaving was my first method for removing unwanted hairs.

I was a teenager.

Shaving was cheap, painless, and could be done without having much knowledge about the techniques involved.

Once I wanted something with longer results, a smooth skin for more than a few days, I tried waxing at a salon.

Waxing at home was too complicated for my teenage impatience so I went to a salon.

Which was really expensive.

Going out with friends was a more pleasant way to spend my money.


I turned back to shaving.

Then, a friend made me remember that epilators are actually the best option for me.

And that’s how I ended up talking about epilator vs shaving.

epilator vs shaving pros and cons

Disposable razors were my first devices used for getting rid of any hair that had no place being there.

I was satisfied for a great deal of time because there was absolutely no pain.


With the exception of the times when I cut myself because the razor was brand new and really sharp.


I have no scars from those tiny cuts.

Epilators vs Shaving: How Long Does the Smooth Skin Last?

I hated that in the summer I had smooth legs for only 2 days and then the hair was showing and in a couple more days I had to shave again.

During the summer, I epilate once every two weeks.

If I’m lazy, in the winter I can let a month pass without setting eyes on my epilator.

  • a razor cuts the hairs at the surface of the skin so they grow back in a few days, in the summer you would have to shave once every 2 days
  • an epilator removes the hairs from their follicle (just like waxing) so, on average, you have to epilate once every 2 weeks
  • with shaving you get incredible smooth skin that lasts for a couple of day
  • epilation doesn’t achieve the same smoothness but the hairs become noticeable after 2 weeks

If you don’t have a high pain threshold, you can epilate once a week.

I’ve used an epilator for a lot of years and nowadays my hairs have become fewer and thinner as long as I stick to the once-every-2-weeks schedule.

Shaving was amazing because my legs were spectacularly smooth for that first day.

I was fascinated by their smoothness.

On the other hand,

When it came to my underarms, I could always see the black roots under the skin.

I had a shadow.

I have black hair and light skin so, for me, it was a problem.

I could see tiny black dots on my skin.

It was completely unpleasant.

Epilation offers smooth skin but not that unbelievably smooth.

The two methods might be just a little different in smoothness but with epilation I no longer see the roots and that’s wonderful.

Epilator vs Shaving: Painless vs Painful

I already knew from my mother that waxing and epilators cause quite the pain so there was no way I was going to go with either of those hair removal methods.


I can’t imagine not using an epilator.

  • shaving is painless unless you get some nicks and cuts
  • epilation is painful, the hair is removed from the follicle

For me,

It was really painful in the beginning. I have a pretty high pain threshold so, I’m lucky that I could keep going.

In the time, I got completely used to it.

The underarms and the bikini area are quite excruciating.

If you find it too painful it’s best to just give up and continue shaving.

There’s no point in torturing yourself.

After all,

It’s about finding the right hair removal method for you.

It’s much less painful if you switch from waxing to epilation, you’re already used to the pain.

If you’re a beginner,

It’s best to get waxed at a beauty salon at least once before using an epilator.

Don’t let too much time pass after your waxing session, it’s going to be more comfortable that way.

Epilator vs Shaving: Which Is the Fastest?

Shaving is not a time-consuming activity if you time each session separately.


If you add how many times you’ve shaved during a summer month then the reality is different.

With 40 minutes battery time I can epilate my upper lip, underarms, and legs.

For the bikini area I need to recharge the epilator again.


If you get a corded epilator you can take as much time as you need.

If you’re a beginner, a corded epilator is a much better choice.

It turns out that epilation is not that time-consuming because you only have to epilate once every 2 weeks.

Waxing seems more time consuming from my point of view.

If you switch from waxing to epilators then you’re already accustomed to the pain of removing the hairs from the root and it’s not going to take you long to remove all the unwanted hairs.

Which is Cheaper: Epilation or Shaving?

I would say that both are pretty affordable hair removal methods.


You can get an epilator for about $30 (that’s the cheapest) and of high quality and use it for many years to come.

Razors the work with refills are definitely more expensive.

Even so,

If you get an electric razor, like the Panasonic ES2207P, then shaving is really affordable, too.

Ingrown Hairs

It might sound unreal but I had no ingrown hairs back then, when using razors.

It’s weird because shaving is well known for causing ingrown hairs but I had none.

It was great.

Epilators cause ingrown hairs and now I have them, too.


I adapted to that, too.

I started exfoliating daily, that’s the only solution. I use exfoliating gloves on dry skin and a body scrub at the end of a shower.

I also have really dry skin so, I moisturize daily.

The skin on my legs has never felt better.

And the ingrown hairs are kept under control, I prevent them from ruining my days.

Epilator vs Shaving: Why I Prefer Epilators


I love using an epilator because it lasts.


The hairs grow thinner and less dense.

As time passes, the sessions become shorter, faster, less painful, and the results last longer.

I have nothing against shaving, don’t get me wrong.

I’ve shaved for many countless years so I am aware of its advantages, as well as I know all about its disadvantages.

In the end,

I am an epilator girl and I very much like it.

What about you? What’s your current hair removal method? Do you love it?

From your point of view, who is the winner of epilator vs shaving?