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How to Choose an Epilator (Buying Guide)

how to choose an epilatorIf you’re wondering about how to choose an epilator, finding the right model for your needs then, this post is going to make things a lot clear.

I’m going to talk about everything you need know when choosing an epilator from price to the most important features.

You can get an epilator, a really good one, even when you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

These hair removal devices remove the hairs from the root for a silky smooth skin at a reasonable price.

You can get an epilator for as little as $30 and it will be highly effective and last a long time.

After all,

Epilation is probably the cheapest hair removal method in the long term and it offers the same smooth skin as waxing does.

That’s what made me endure the pain until, in time, I became used to it.

How to Choose an Epilator: Price

Since we live in the real world, the subject of money is always involved when buying something we need.


Epilators are not incredibly expensive devices, especially when you consider that it’s an investment that will last for at least a couple of years.

It’s not like in the case of waxing or depilatory creams where you have to buy them over and over again.

That’s one of the main features that I truly appreciate.

It’s great that they offer to every woman the possibility of removing hair from the root without investing too much money in the process.


A $30 budget can get you a basic corded one, while a more substantial budget (around $100) can offer you the possibility of enjoying a number of accessories, as well as the ability to pluck hairs as short as 0.5mm.

Even a $30 epilator can remove hair efficiently.

Fancier ones, like those that can be used under the shower or those coming with more caps (for example facial or sensitive caps), those indeed are more expensive, up to the price of $100.

They are worth it if you want the extra options.

Why Getting an Epilator Is Totally Worth It

An epilator is a hair removal tool for the long run, no matter if it’s expensive (around $100) or cheap (around $30 up to about $50).

Firstly, there’s the 2-year warranty.

Secondly, they are sturdy little things with tiny tweezers that grab many hairs at the same time.

It’s almost what waxing does for way less money – both remove hairs from the follicle.

There are women who have owned the same epilator for 10 years even.

As long as it works, why change it?

If you clean it properly, everything is perfect.

When it comes to technology, things aren’t evolving as fast as they do in other fields.

At the core, you get an ergonomic mostly oval-shaped device with tiny tweezers.

The advancements?

Besides the classic efficiency cap, additional caps like the facial cap or the sensitive area cap have been added.

Thus, you can use the epilator to remove facial hair, as well.

How to Choose an Epilator: Accessories

how to choose an epilator based on accessories

When it comes to accessories, I’m only interested in the caps.

A sensitive area cap or a facial cap hide part of the tweezers so only a few end up removing the hairs.

It’s highly important, especially for beginners but not only.

I use both, they come with my Braun Silk Epil 7561, I find them very helpful.

Even women like me, who have been epilating for a lot of years, still need all the relief they can get.

Also, some come with shaving and trimmer heads.

You must know that these ones will never be as good as a good electric shaver or a trimmer or bikini styler.

So, not only you have an epilator for the legs, bikini area, underarms, etc. but you can also use it on the face.

And when it hurts you can use it as a razor.

When the hairs are too long, pop in the trimmer head and trim them.


Some models are wet & dry, they can be used in the shower. The hot water opens up the pores, which reduces the pain a little.

An important improvement is that nowadays, epilators are faster and better at removing very tiny hairs.

The exfoliation accessories are good, too.

The exfoliation brush does all the job, you just have to move it around.

When you’re using a body scrub or exfoliation gloves, you have to do all the work.

How to Choose an Epilator: Number of Tweezers

epilator's tweezers and rotating head

The number of tweezers ranges from 20 tweezers (Philips Hp6401 and Braun 3170) to 72 tweezers (Emjoi AP-18).

Right under the AP-18 is the Emjoi eRase e60 with 60 tweezers.

Then there’s the Panasonic ES-ED90-P with 48 tweezers, and the Braun SE5 SE7 and SE9 that all have 40 tweezers.

However, their shape and positioning vary so that makes a difference, too.

It’s not only about the number.

The most important thing for an epilator is to be able to catch and remove the hairs from the root without cutting them at the surface.

Also, it’s important to grab both thin and thick coarse hairs.

There will never be 100% of hairs removed.

There will always be some left behind either because they are too thin or too small but at least 97% of them should be removed, only making their appearance after 1 week and a half at least.

How to Choose an Epilator: Corded/Cordless

Corded epilators are definitely my favorite.

It sounds weird when I say that because for the paste few years I’ve been using two cordless models.

Even so,

When talking about how to choose an epilator, I definitely prefer corded models because they’re more long-lasting.

Cordless models are fickle, you never know when the battery’s going to stop working, rendering the device useless.

Only if you can somehow transform the cordless epilator into a corded one, which is not impossible for someone who knows a bit about electricity.

How to Choose an Epilator: Brands

In my opinion, Braun is the most popular manufacturer at the moment.

That’s because they have really good epilators, some of the best.

Braun models

Most women start using a Braun epilator and they never switch to another manufacturer no matter how many epilators they will use during their lifetime.

Even though at the moment I use the Braun 9561 and the 7561, one of my favorite models is the Braun 5780.

It has the same accessories as the Braun 7681/7561 (massage rollers cap, facial cap, sensitive area cap, shaver and trimmer) but it’s corded and a lot cheaper.

It’s a great epilator.

Unfortunately, it’s also not available worldwide, I think you can only find it in the UK, as far as I can tell.

However, there are other brands out there and they’re just as good, sometimes better, and they definitely have some interesting prices.

Emjoi epilators

It makes one of the best epilators for face at the moment (Braun messed it up with their first facial epilator) – the Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18.

It also makes one of the most powerful models.

And they’re sturdy, which is a big plus.

The downside is that they are not that big on attachments, it’s definitely an aspect where there is room for improvement.

Recently, I’ve come to realize that the Emjoi eRase e60 is quite a fascinating little epilator with 60 tweezers so, it’s definitely fast, but it can also be used to remove facial hair. All that at a really good price.

Another thing is that Emjoi doesn’t have the same global presence as Braun does. Actually, no other brand has the same global coverage.

Philips devices

Next, there’s Philips.

It has one of the best and cheapest models, the direct competitor for the Braun 3170 – the Philips BRE235.

Last but not least, Panasonic with their Panasonic ES-ED90-P. The ES-ED90-P has all the accessories needed for a complete body and facial epilation with 48 tweezers and the reputation of being a bit more gentle than other epilators.

Cheap Epilators

The basic models, the ones that are really cheap don’t have as many accessories and as many tweezers as the top ones.

But who cares when in the end you can get an amazing epilator even if you are on a tight budget?

1. Philips Satinelle BRE235

The Philips BRE235 is my top recommendation for women who are looking for something cheap and really good, able to perform really well.

It comes with an efficiency cap, a sensitive area cap, 20 tweezers, and a washable head. You can use it on the underarms, face, and on the bikini area for a Brazilian.

It might not be the fastest but it will remove hairs from their root without breaking them.

It will just take a while, watch something to pass the time.

There’s no built-in light. It’s also corded and it will last for many years.

2. Braun 3170

Next in line, at a small price difference is the Braun Silk-Epil 3170.

It has 20 tweezers, an efficiency cap, massage rolls, built-in light, and a cleaning brush.

Also corded.

Medium-Priced Epilators

1. Emjoi e60

This is an unique epilator:

  • has 60 tweezers, which is a lot for such an affordable price but that’s the Emjoi specialty
  • has a sensitive attachment – you can even use it for facial hair removal
  • shaver/trimmer attachment
  • corded
  • 2 speeds
  • no built-in light

2. Braun 5280

Braun Silk-Epil 5280 is impressive.

It’s a powerful epilator, long-lasting, that removes thin and coarse hairs alike, and it has a really affordable price.

  • has 40 tweezers
  • close-grip ones for the removal of tiny hairs
  • efficiency cap
  • massage rollers attachment
  • pivoting head
  • built-in light
  • a trimmer and a shaver head
  • and a cooling glove that you can use after epilation

And the accessories for the Silk Epil 7 fit the head of the Silk Epil 5280.

That’s how far my knowledge goes on how to choose an epilator, including some of my most recommended models, I think you have an amazing start.