Keep Yourself Away from these 10 Things when Removing Unwanted Hair

Removing unwanted hair is not something extraordinarily complicated, whether we are talking about shaving, hair removal creams, epilation or waxing.

But there are the little things that should be followed and the ones that should be totally avoided in the hair removal process.

I’m going to talk about those that you need to avoid. They’re the secret to a perfect session, which leads to smooth heavenly skin.

So, let’s begin. Please, bring your contribution if you have something to add, just leave a comment.

tips for unwanted hair

1. Not Exfoliating Regularly

The rule when it comes to exfoliation is: always exfoliate before hair removal. So, that’s the principle that should be followed.

Furthermore, if you wax or use an epilator, that means that you have a session usually about once every 2 weeks. That’s a long time, thus, obviously, you should exfoliate more than once during that time.

Let’s say, to give you an idea, at least twice a week would be great. I love exfoliating my legs, it’s relaxing so I do it almost daily.

This is for the guys, who should not forget about exfoliating their back, too. Whatever method you choose to remove back hair, whether a do-it-yourself back hair shaver or waxing or an epilator, don’t forget to exfoliate.

2. Getting Ingrown Hairs

example of ingrown hair

Since I’ve talked about exfoliation, I thought I should mention what may happen when you don’t exfoliate.

Ingrown hairs are bound to appear, that’s why you should stay as far away from them as you can.

There are two solutions for preventing ingrown hairs, both with great results: phisical exfoliation with gloves and scrubs and chemical with products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids or salicylic acid.

3. Not Shaving with the Grain

That’s especially true for men. My first advice is to get a really good razor.

Then, there are some simple steps that you can follow if you want to prevent razor burns and bumps.

Shaving with the grain is a crucial step – in the direction in which the hair grows.

Women can follow it, too, even though I had no troubles when I was shaving my legs against the direction in which hairs grow.

4. Waxing when the Hairs are too Short

This is something really simple: if the hairs are too short, the wax won’t be able to remove them from their roots.

On the other hand, when they’re too long, it will hurt a lot, which might make you give up on waxing.

Usually, between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch long is the proper length. I’d say to let it grow for about 3 weeks and then wax and see how it goes. You can take it from there and establish how much time you need to let it pass between the sessions.

5. Epilating when it’s too Long

Epilators are not that pretentious because their features have evolved over time and they can remove hairs as short as 0.5 mm (0.02 inches). That’s amazing.

The trick when epilating is not to do it when the hair is too long. If it’s too long, use a trimmer. Otherwise, it will hurt badly so don’t let more than 2 weeks pass between sessions, especially when you’re a beginner.

Nowadays, I can let a month pass before I use my epilator again and I’m totally fine. But that’s because I have been using an epilator for a lot of years.

6. Not Understanding the Basics of Waxing

The temperature of the wax is crucial.

If it’s too hot, it will burn your skin and ruin everything. If it’s too cold, it won’t remove anything.

Always test the temperature of the wax before applying, just to make sure it’s not too hot.

7. Not Holding the Skin Taut

That’s a valid thing for 3 of our 4 methods. It doesn’t apply to hair removal creams.

If you hold the skin taut some great things can happen: you can decrease the number of ingrown hairs that might appear and, secondly, you reduce the pain a little in the case of epilation and waxing.

8. Leaving the Hair Removal Cream On too Long

You should never leave the hair removal cream on your skin more than it says in the instructions. It might very likely lead to burns.

Follow the instructions precisely and it should offer great results without any nasty side-effects.

9. Using a Dull Blade

prevent razor burns

Like it or not, it’s best to change your razor or its cartridge often.

It will cut better, thus leaving you better looking, but it might also prevent razor burns, bumps, and ingrown hairs.

10. Not Liking the Method that You’re Using

I love epilators, thus this blog 🙂

But I love them because I have many reasons and this blog is full of them. I perfectly know their disadvantages, too, and I entirely accept them.

It’s incredibly easy and pleasant when you like what you’re doing, whether you shave, use creams, wax or epilate. Find the one that matches your needs and it will be a lot easier.