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Philips Satin Soft Hp6520 Review

The Philips hp6520 is a bit of an intriguing epilator.

It could have been great but it’s still not entirely bad.

Maybe, in the same price range, the Remington EP7030E would be a better choice.

Let’s look at what Philips Satin Soft Hp6520 has to offer.

Philips Satin Soft Hp6520 Review

The Philips Satin Soft Hp6520 is one of those affordable epilators that manages to blend in a lot of features:

  • the power and the number of tweezers of a cheaper model,
  • and the impressive accessories that make you think that this epilator should be more expensive, like the sensitive area cap, the massage attachment, the fact that it’s cordless, and the exfoliation brush for fighting ingrown hairs.

And then come the little things that remind you that this is an affordable model after all:

It’s not wet&dry but even so it cannot be used while charging and it lacks a built-in light.

The efficiency cap is replaced by the massage attachment.

As a balance:

Philips HP6520 is the model that best represents the Philips Satin Soft epilator series.

Philips Satin Soft Hp6520 review

Philips Satin Soft Series

If you want to compare it to another epilator, found nearly in the same price range, I recommend you my review for the Braun Silk Epil 5280.

The Braun has a lot going on, like 40 tweezers, an efficiency cap, a shaver and a trimmer head, plus a pivoting head and massage rolls. It’s corded but it has a lot in common with its amazing big brother Braun 7681.

Philips Hp6520: Number of Tweezers

The 21 tweezers are satisfactory enough for a medium-priced epilator.

Philips Satin Soft Tweezers

Philips Satin Soft Series Tweezers

It’s also true that for approximately the same price, you can get the Emjoi AP-18, which is the fastest epilator at the moment with its 72 tweezers. It’s kind of a fantastic epilator.

Philips HP6401 from the Satinelle series has 21 tweezers but it’s cheaper because it doesn’t have so many accessories – it only comes with an efficiency cap, which is really good for reducing the pain a little.

The tweezers found on the Hp6520 are hypo-allergic tweezers with silver-ion advanced technology.

Philips Hp6520 Accessories

You can use Philips Hp6520 to remove hairs from your legs, underarms, arms, and bikini line thanks to its sensitive area cap but it can’t be used for facial hair removal.

Speaking of caps, the massage attachment may help a little with pain reduction so first timers should put it on before hair removal.

There’s also an exfoliation brush. That’s very helpful. Use it before each epilation session and then at least 2-3 times a week.

Other accessories include: cleaning brush and storage pouch. The head is washable for an optimal hygiene.

A major con is the lack of a built-in light. It’s common for more affordable epilators.

Philips Hp6520: Power

It has 2 speeds but it’s not the most powerful epilator. It’s not the fastest either. In the beginning, it’s going to take a while until you get all the hairs removed from the root.

I wouldn’t recommend it for men who have a lot of coarse hairs because it’s not powerful enough.

Even so:

Epilation will go down smoothly and even tinier hairs will be gripped by these tweezers and pulled out.

That’s a very good reason for considering this Philips Satin Soft epilator model.

Philips Hp6520 Cordless but not Wet & Dry

Another advantage for many people is the fact that it’s cordless. It gets charged in an 1 hour and the battery lasts up to 30 minutes.

I’m not a fan of cordless epilators but that’s just me. Besides me, I’ve noticed that many women prefer cordless epilators and I completely understand their argument.

A cordless epilator offers freedom of movement and the comfort to epilate anywhere in the house.

You cannot use it while charging, like you can with Philips HP6576.

After 7 years of using epilators, 40 minutes are enough for having hair removed from both my legs and my underarms. But if you add the bikini area and the arms, I’m afraid that 40 minutes are simply not enough.

Epilation is not as fast as shaving but you only have to do it once every 2 weeks and even once every 4 weeks in the winter, when 90% of our body is covered in fluffy warm clothes.

Even though it’s cordless, this is not a wet & dry epilator so don’t use it under the shower.

If you haven’t epilated before, a single charge will not be enough, you will probably need 2 hours to get your whole body hair-free.

Philips Hp6520: Pain Level

The fact that this Philips Satin Soft epilator doesn’t cause a great deal of pain, it’s a more gentle epilator, makes it perfect for first timers as well as for women who are long-time users.