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Philips Satinelle HP6401 Epilator Review

If I were to describe Philips Satinelle HP6401 in just a few words, I would say:

Amazing epilator for a low price.

Guess what?

It’s one of the best cheap epilators.

Philips Satinelle HP6401 is Totally Worthy

cheap epilator

Sometimes a few simple words are just not enough to describe an epilator.

But before I jump into the details, let me say this:

This is just your basic epilator that is good at one job: removing hairs from the root!

What more could you ask for if you are on a tight budget? It’ perfect!

It doesn’t rip the hairs or cut them, it plucks them!

It’s worthy of its price.

I’m not entirely sure that it will be able to remove hairs as short as 0.5mm but I wouldn’t even expect it to. Only the more expensive models offer this option, like the Braun Silk Epil 7681 or the Philips HP6576. Or the Braun Silk Epil 9.

The exterior is simple but nice and it’s ergonomic so there’s no problem with holding it well.

It also comes with a 2 year warranty, just like all the other great epilators.

Philips Hp6401 Tweezers Count

Philips Satinelle HP6401 tweezersThe hp6401 has 21 hypoallergenic tweezers.

There are also 2 speeds – a gentler one and a more efficient one.

A similar epilator with the same number of tweezers, slightly more expensive but with much more accessories is Philips HP6520 Satin Soft.

Let’s be frank:

That’s not an impressive amount of tweezers.

An impressive amount of tweezers is the 72 ones belonging to the Emjoi Emagine AP-18.

The obvious thing to consider is that epilation might take a little longer than in the case of other devices with a bigger number of tweezers.

The downside is that faster epilators are considerably more expensive, their price starting from $50 going way up to $100 or even more.

Their price is firstly justified because you get at least 40 tweezers that speed up the epilation session and secondly because they come with more accessories/caps (facial cap, underarms cap or sensitive area cap, to name a few).

So, what can you do with a cheaper epilator that has 20 tweezers or so?

If  you epilate at least once every two weeks, your skin should be smooth but it will also not take that long to get all the hairs removed from the root.

Consider this:

Don’t give up on epilators because the hairs become fewer and thinner as time passes and more sessions start piling up.

How Painful is Philips Hp6401?

There’s a general rule:

Epilators hurt.

Even so

The Philips Satinelle Hp6401 it doesn’t inflict a greater deal of pain as compared to other more expensive ones.

Sure, this depends from person to person but generally it shouldn’t cause a great deal of pain.

That’s another good reason for choosing the Philips HP6401 as your best cheap epilator.

That being said:

If you are on a tight budget or if you are just not that comfortable with spending too much on a hair removal device, then you can comfortably choose this one.

Philips Hp6401 Accessories

Philips HP6401 doesn’t come with many accessories, with the exception of an efficiency cap.

I am always on the lookout for an efficiency cap because I find that they ease the pain a little. Or at least it feels nice so it’s always welcomed to have one around.

It doesn’t have a cleaning brush but you won’t miss it that much since it has a washable head. You can replace the cleaning brush with a toothbrush.

The best way to maintain a high hygiene state is by directly washing the removable head.

It’s a Great Corded Epilator

This Satinelle model is corded but don’t regard that as a con because the cable length gives you plenty freedom of movement.

In fact, I always prefer corded epilators because there are already many electronics lying around me that I have to always charge and at some point it becomes annoying waiting around for them.

Corded is perfectly fine for me.

If you were to go for a wet&dry epilator, like the Panasonic ES-WD51-P, then it absolutely has to be cordless.

By now you can easily notice that I have no complaints to make about this great cheap epilator.

What are the Cons of Philips Hp6401?

What’s really a disadvantage is the lack of a built-in light.

That little light is a helpful aid in spotting hairs you would otherwise miss entirely.

At the end of an epilation session I even do a checkup just using the light to see if I’ve missed any hairs. This is a compromise that you have to accept for the lower price.

It’s not appropriate for facial hair removal. I wouldn’t recommend it as a facial epilator.

I really like this low priced Philips Satinelle model because it doesn’t make a bargain on quality, it promises that it will remove hairs from the root and it does that!

Get this:

There’s really no strong reason for not considering the Philips HP6401, if you’ve decided to buy an epilator.

What I like:

The 21 tweezers are plenty enough for getting hair removed from the root and they’re not too many to cause a great deal of pain.

The low price is another great advantage for women who want to avoid spending a lot of money on an epilator.

The low price makes it perfect for women who haven’t tried epilation yet.

The Philips HP6401 is great for first timers, a great device for testing the waters.

The only accessory, and quite helpful in my opinion, is the efficiency cap.

It has 2 speeds.

The nice, simple, feminine ergonomic design.

The head is removable and entirely washable, which compensates for the missing cleaning brush.

This Philips Satinelle model is a corded device and I like that. Feel free to put it on the list of cons if you prefer a cordless one.

What I don’t like:

There is no built-in light so you might discover at the end of the session that you have missed some hairs here and there.

If you want a cheap epilator that has a built-in light, you should check Braun Silk Epil 3170.

It has the same number of tweezers and it’s a lot similar to the HP6401, which for me still is the best option when shopping for the best cheap epilator.

But it’s always nice to have alternatives and the Silk-Epil 3170 is the best alternative that I could recommend.

It cannot be used as a facial epilator.

And finally, Philips HP6401 is not the most powerful epilator so coarse hairs will not be removed from the first slow movement, a second or third attempt might be necessary.

Bottom Line

I basically said everything that needed to be said about this epilator.

Have I mentioned about ingrown hairs? I guess not so let me tell you about it quickly.

Ingrown hairs are common when you epilate, regardless of which device one is using.

That being said,

I’m quite attached to this model.

It was actually a present that my boyfriend got to his mother.

She was using a really old model and this one was on sale so I told him to get it. He said that she didn’t need a powerful one or one with many accessories.

It’s just one case where the Philips Satinelle Hp6401 really stands out.