7 Shaving Mistakes Women Should Avoid

Shaving is not exactly rocket science.

Still, there are some things that you shouldn’t do.

If you do them, they become shaving mistakes with rather unpleasant side-effects.

7 Shaving Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you avoid making the mistakes that I’m going to mention, then you should have silky smooth skin without any imperfections, whether you’re a man or a woman.

And, thus, you can even avoid razor burns, bumps, nicks, and cuts.

Also you can get a super close shave at the same time.

Shaving Mistake 1. Shaving without any prior preparation

take a shower

When I say that shaving without any preparation is a mistake, I’m referring to shaving without getting your your skin caressed by warm water.

It’s not enough to throw some splashes of warm water on your skin.

You need to place yourself under warm water for about 3 minutes and keep it running during the whole session. The simplest way is to shave under the shower. And this is one of the most important tips.

And rinse the blade often.

It’s nasty to let the blade to get clogged up.

Shaving Mistake 2. Pressing the blade against the skin

shaving mistake: don't press blade against skin

A blade, by definition is a sharp object that easily cuts hairs, even the coarse ones.

There’s no need for you to grab the razor and press it against your skin. That won’t lead to a closer shave.

It might very possibly lead to bumps, burns, and let’s not forget about cuts. And if you have a new blade or a newish one, you won’t feel the burning need to be heavy-handed.

That leads me to mistake number 3.

Shaving Mistake 3. Not changing the razor often enough

replace your razor

There’s no science that can tell you when it’s time to get a new razor or a new cartridge.

You just know.

You see that the blades are dull and they don’t cut as well as in the beginning.

If you shave twice a week, usually, using the same cartridge for a month is enough. If you keep it too long it catches on bacteria and it causes bumps and burns.

Shaving Mistake 4. Not shaving with the grain

shaving in the direction of hair

There’s really not much to explain here.

You should shave with the grain (the direction in which the hairs grow) and especially true for men when they remove their facial hair with a razor.

It helps prevent ingrown hairs and bumps.

Shaving Mistake 5. Not exfoliating

exfoliation when shaving

Exfoliation is a very big part of shaving, waxing, and epilation. You don’t want ingrown hairs, whether you’re a man or a woman. Whether you get them on your face or on your legs.

And why not do it, when it’s so simple and easy? Start with a physical exfoliation product, like scrubs or exfoliation gloves. Do it before each shaving session. And in between if you have time.

Or, even better, men who shave their facial hair should get a facial cleansing brush. It’s such an amazing thing that deeply exfoliates and cleanses the skin of everything that might affect it. It’s not only an efficient way to get rid of acne but the best exfoliator, too. Some of them even have a body brush.

Shaving Mistake 6. Using soap instead of gel

using soap instead of gel

Soap is not for shaving, unless it’s a soap specifically designed and manufactured for razors to glide on it. Otherwise, it’s for washing your hands.

For shaving, you should get a shaving gel.

Foam it’s acceptable, too, but for a perfect glide on your face or your legs or underarms, get a gel. A cheap one would do the trick.

Shaving Mistake 7. Not using an after shave balm

using after shave

This is addressed to men and their facial skin.

You don’t want burns on your face as a few hours pass from your shaving experience.

An after shave balm is the culmination of a perfect session that has little to no side-effects. And it’s much better than a lotion because it’s alcohol-free.

What about over-shaving?

This can be especially true about women when they shave their underarms. Before using an epilator, I used to shave. The underarms area is a tiny one so you don’t need 10 strokes for cutting all the hairs. A maximum of 5 strokes should be more than enough. Otherwise, you risk soreness and burns.

What shaving mistakes have you personally done? Let me know in a comment, share with us your experience.