What Is an Epilator?

If you’ve landed here, it means that you have heard somewhere the word epilator.

But what exactly is an epilator?

Let’s see:

What Is an Epilator?

An epilator is a device with tiny tweezers that grab the hairs and removes them from the root, hairs that won’t be bothering you again for usually about two weeks.

If you ask me, I would say that it’s a great hair removal method, my favorite one. Many other women and even men would totally agree.

If you were ask others what is an epilator, they would straightforward say that it’s a torture device. You will immediately find out why that might be, when you read about what an epilator does and how it works.

what is an epilator

Most epilators be used on the entire body (underarms, arms, back, chest, belly, bikini line, legs). And some can even be used for facial hair removal.

Its downsides are just two: pain and ingrown hairs. I wholeheartedly recommend exfoliation for preventing ingrown hairs.

How Does an Epilator Work?

I’m not a technical person. Fortunately, it’s not hard answering the questions what is an epilator and how does it work?

It’s a small device powered by an electric motor. When it receives energy, the tweezers start rotating really fast. They open and close for catching and removing from the root multiple hairs at the same time.

epilator's tweezers and rotating head

It’s just as if our fingers would be capable of operating multiple tweezers at the same time. And that’s how an epilator works.

Furthermore, these hair removal devices are corded or cordless, rechargeable and battery operated.

Here’s the deal:

The number of tweezers depends from model to model.

The more they are, the faster the epilation goes. That’s why an epilator that has 72 tweezers, like the Emjoi AP-18 has, is considered the most powerful epilator at the moment.

Nevertheless, the ability of those tweezers to efficiently remove hairs from the root, is not only a question of numbers.

Each epilator has tweezers of a different shape and differently arranged in a plastic head.

These are features that also influence how an epilator works and what it does once in contact with the unwanted hairs. Which is why Braun is the most popular manufacturer. It always improves its tweezers, from one Silk Epil series to another.

What Does an Epilator Do?

You pretty much know what it does if you’ve read the above two sections what is and epilator and how does an epilator work.

Removes hairs from the root through a lot of tiny fast rotating tweezers.

epilator removing hairs

It’s a lot like waxing only that, instead of getting sticky wax on your skin, you get the hairs removed from the root thanks to an electrical device with tiny tweezers.

Waxing removes hairs from the root and so does an epilator. Because of that, both methods are painful.

Best of all, both methods should give you usually at least two weeks of smooth skin.

Here’s the kicker:

As years passed, the answers to the questions what is an epilator and what does an epilator do have become more and more complex.

Nowadays, some epilators are an all-in-one device that remove hairs from the root from the entire body, including facial hair removal, thanks to a few accessories called caps.

They can also be transformed into trimmers, shavers, and even body exfoliators by simply changing the heads.

Want to know the best part?

Besides the fact that you now have an answer to questions like, what is an epilator and what does it do, I have one more thing to tell you.

These devices are quite affordable.

It’s what makes them a preferred hair removal method for some. Epilators remove hairs from the root and offer smooth skin for about two weeks for a small cost.

They are guaranteed to work for at least two years by their warranty but some have even been functional for 10+ years, if you can believe it. They’re totally worth it from my point of view.

Now that I’ve answered the question what is an epilator, would you try one?